Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LaTe to skul~ Learning From Tjf~


late to skul today~

all my friends today was thinking tat i ponteng again juz like yesterday~

well~ i Dint!!!

haha i made it to skul by~ 10.30am

hey come on i still made it rite?

at 1st i was abit scared but then as i reach the skul gate

i juz walk it like a normal good nerd would to attend the kurikulum~

then here is the problem to reach my class the fastest way is to take walk through the teacher's office~ but of coz who would do tat?

so i tok another road which is oso another problem

the PJ the teacher's hideout zzz

As our Ex-disiplin teacher FERLARI

ya tat wat we call him~

Always like to do his walk~ zzz

In the End i still made it~

guess who is in class~? My Cute Add Maths teacher which oh~ how much i Love to Bully You~

i juz walk in like TJF famous for doing it~

so i'm a copy cat~ Anyway walk in class~ then the whole class for the 1st time started to hav some spirit in it~ all was like WOW Look whos here~

haha~ case closed~ So today the 3 devils of 4S made it to skul

which include Wilson~ TJF~ and me~

this is a photo of our Ponteng Gang~ lor

not really ponteng lah juz hang out when the teacher is not in~

from the right Ah bo~ my best buddy~ Then fisball~ And me

Our camera man Ah fung~ ermm the spec i'm wearing are fake so no worries~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A familiar atmosphere

Today while looking at the sky at my usual spot.
The wind came it felt so familiar..
Arh yes the feeling of Igor Odium my dear friend..
how long hav u been standing there?
My apologize for making u wait for me to put aside my toys and fianlly grow up alittle
Thank you for showing me my past mistakes
And giving me this familiar feeling of Agony..
Can my past mistakes be corrected by the future?
Mostly yes~
But how is it going to take?
no one is going to wait for me anymore..

Monday, September 22, 2008


Feeling so lost lately
sumtime when i sit alone in skul
juz feel like asking myself wat am i doing here?
i mean i lost
my aims,
my hopes,
my dreams,
my reputation,
my respect,
and myself..
juz wat was i doing b4 tis?
I've been so childish in my past and nvr thought the future
which cause me to be like tis..
So jealous of those in church
full of reputation and respect
Wat do i hav left?
i onli sit here howlin for my next night to come..

Friday, September 19, 2008


Ermm~ hi~
my 1st time blogging
juz wanted to try blogging
abit intro of myself~
i'm ernest
from sumwhere in menjalara~
basicly another normal dude on the road
A jack of all trades
master of none yet~
hoping to find sumthing tat i can really master~