Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tio tagged~


Bold the statements that are true to you.

Italicize the statements that you wish were true.

Leave the fibs alone.

Then, stab 5 people to do the same test.

I hate dota
I am 180cm tall
I am racist
I am a gangster
I love bamboo
I am emo
I bake
I love indians
I'm a girl
I love japanese music
I'm a pro a playing wif a piano
I bully everyone
I know everyone in church
I hav no issue wif the gangsters is school
I'm good a football
I'm good at basket ball
I Punch my bro everytime I see his face
I love my dog
We will last
My bro is not a busy body
My bro is not a bully
I hate skul
I sleep naked
I am a ham sup lou
I eat frogs
I understand japanese
I go for tuition everyday
I hate tuition
I love add maths
I dun bully teachers
I talk to myself
I am in love
I take drugs
My friends take drugs
All my friends are nerds
I sell arms
I eat snakes
I hav 2 pairs of shoes
I hit a old lady wif a flower pot
I'll slap who ever tat touches my Carl's Jr burger
I ate a burger 3 times bigger than a Big Mac
I am a lala
I still hav sumone i trust
I am a Ro freak

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Its almost decemember and wat to do wif the time i hav?
well~ there are few times on my list
  • Poke the Angry sleeping brother~ Ngek Ngek~

  • Sketching, mostly i'll do tis at nite la coz dad will force me to bed and i cant sleep ><

  • Sms~ haha~
  • Online~ mostly finding wallapapers~ ><>
  • Gaming most common in every young guys like me
  • Outing planning to go sunway wif friends~
  • Tuition ><>


Its been awhile since i last post pai seh~

i've been having complains from my daughter about my blog been too dead

so here's a post~

Ermm i'll start wif the post which i delayed

the last few days of my form 4 life xD

Me,Ah bo and Brother Lynz~

Brothers~!!! Its been 4 years since we met and tis is the 1st picture we took together~

Sum time wif Ah Fung, Ah bo ,Chee wingz, Fish ball~

This was the last day

So rather than juz taking pictures whole wif friends

We decided to add sumthing extra special into our memories

ngek~ ngek~

And Yes half his body is in there~ We finally got him in there the 2nd time~

I know its kinda dirty but we check and make sure tat is was clean b4 we did tat to him~

we're not so heartless~