Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LaTe to skul~ Learning From Tjf~


late to skul today~

all my friends today was thinking tat i ponteng again juz like yesterday~

well~ i Dint!!!

haha i made it to skul by~ 10.30am

hey come on i still made it rite?

at 1st i was abit scared but then as i reach the skul gate

i juz walk it like a normal good nerd would to attend the kurikulum~

then here is the problem to reach my class the fastest way is to take walk through the teacher's office~ but of coz who would do tat?

so i tok another road which is oso another problem

the PJ the teacher's hideout zzz

As our Ex-disiplin teacher FERLARI

ya tat wat we call him~

Always like to do his walk~ zzz

In the End i still made it~

guess who is in class~? My Cute Add Maths teacher which oh~ how much i Love to Bully You~

i juz walk in like TJF famous for doing it~

so i'm a copy cat~ Anyway walk in class~ then the whole class for the 1st time started to hav some spirit in it~ all was like WOW Look whos here~

haha~ case closed~ So today the 3 devils of 4S made it to skul

which include Wilson~ TJF~ and me~

this is a photo of our Ponteng Gang~ lor

not really ponteng lah juz hang out when the teacher is not in~

from the right Ah bo~ my best buddy~ Then fisball~ And me

Our camera man Ah fung~ ermm the spec i'm wearing are fake so no worries~

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Man Ching said...

ah bo so weird..haha
eiyo..ern wear spec..nt bad ya