Friday, April 30, 2010

1st May 2010 Back to camp

I'm leaving for ipoh as soon as i finish this post,
I bought the 3pm train so i should reach ipoh around 6pm
Its a long journey but i think i can adapt to it.
Its my journey after all.

There is a whole list of things i must compete b4 my return.
  1. Slim down
  2. at least 4 pax
  3. a person tat is able to adapt to any situation
  4. exit my limits in both physical and mental
  5. come back home in one piece
Tat should be all i guess these are the main thing i wan to compete.
And to be a much more understand person and patience is wad i really wan.
I thank you all my friends for caring for me and went out to yum cha wif me
Don't worry though Ns is not as tough as u think~
I will be back~!!!
I wont do anything stupid b4 competing my promises.

The Ns gang~ They are there i know it

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

28th april 2010 I'm back

This is the gang tat i hang out wif from the left is wai sing, me, amir and Ah boon
From the left Ah boon, vilmaren and me
Vilmaren is almost 70% chinese coz of his attitude

From the left me, nick, ken, i cant remember his name = = and then theres mai

From the left Ah Pent, me, daren. yap and teng chung

I'm Back from Ns
But its onli for 5 days den i'll be on my way back to the camp.
Its not long but it good enuff for me to catch wif sum friends and family members.
What have i been doin in NS?
not much exercise day and nite so tat i can keep my promise.
chatting on the phone when i have the chance and going hyper wif the gang.
We're a very rowdy bunch but we have our qualities~
Had Been swimming in the kolam for quite a few days b4 we came back~
All in all i thank god for this chance to be able to go for NS
And I'm really enjoying my stay in Ns
I promised myself to take every chance tat presents itself in front of me.
But sumhow i dun think i'm doin my part..
Juz another episode of me reflecting on the things i've done.


Friday, April 9, 2010

11 april 2010 Departure

Just got my comfirmation of going ns tis tuesday.
Well i'll be goin to perak, my home town i hope ipoh still welcome me..
Ipoh was the place of mistakes and learning.
I've made plenty of mistakes and most of it had help to made the person i am today.

I'll be leaving for ipoh tomorrow, and i'll begin my national service on sunday.
I hope i'll make used of time properly while i'm inside there serving.
There pros and cons to this national service from where i see it.
I gave up my children for this, so tat i can get it over with asap.
whats waiting on the other side after i walk out of my national service?

Simple, my nai ma and gang will be there coz we're goin sungkai.
next, ah fung and eng keat will be greeting me wif a smile ( my dear brothers)
next, aaron wong will be exchange blows wif me in court.
lastly, i'll collect my ring.. if you are still reading this then please be prepared for my return
coz i wan back my brother;y ring tat i entrusted to you. Its my time of growth.

Forgive me if i speak too arrogantly
But this is juz another episode of me..
I'm out~ xD
Laugh and grow FAT!! haha~