Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In the forest where you were...

In the deep thick forest, there is a faint fragrance that is very dear
If I search through the everyday faces, surprisingly, I find that yours is smiling

When I reach out my hand to touch it,but even if I reach out my hand to you,
fleetingly, you disappeared into the sky

I've always wanted to see you and thinking of you always
Crossing the sleepless nights
While I cry, I try to embrace what's left of you in the midst of light and shadow

Hopelessly, I walk barefoot in the scorching sunset
While stepping on the ruins of a love that fades crimson
When I hold out my hand to touch it, I hear your voice

Right now the words "I love you" won't reach as the wind carries away my song
It disappears far far away
If I throw a hour glass in the high skies, I hear the sounds of that day resounding

Scenery that I can't touch again
Fades away slowly

"Don't disappear," that hand and that hair,
In the rapidly enlarging atmosphere and memories are over-piling.
The light and shadow that you left is just too large

Within the deep,deep forest...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Japanese Exchange Students!!!

Yes!!! their finally here!! xD
the japanese exchange students there are about 30 of them i guess.
they made trip to our skul and us the who hav gav the teacher our name is suppose to spend our day wif one of them, juz to explain about the cultures in malaysia and about of our skul, plus a bonus a gift exchange.
They came in around 8.40 am when all of us are still in the canteen practicing our japanese. So all of us start to panic after hearing tat they arrive then i started running coz i dun like to be late, the fun thing is therest oso followed me. As we reach the gate
there they are coming in one by one looking for their name which all of us will be holding.

It was wonderful experince it was really fun trying to get things across to them.
The partner we got were some how like fated, coz we pick the partner ourself without a photo
and is turns out tat most of us pick the one tat we can click wif and some hav the same looks and characteristic~

Me and my partner yokosaka Takuya~ our eyes some how looks same ><Wilson and his partner Daichi. in the malay cultural clothes haha~Tsu Shian and his partner

Alvin and his partner

Chui wei and her partner Ukyo. Both oso leng zai leng lui~ haha~
Me and Daichi
One of the leng zai dunno his name >< but juz take photo onli la~

Wish!!! their Trade mark~
Me and yuki, daichi's girl friend One of the teachers~
Leng Zai!!!! din t hav a chance to take a photo wif him coz all the form 3 girls went and rape himermm dunno wat to say XD

Me, Takuya and toshikya
Me and Minori~Some Girls XD Ermm i forgot her name >< id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5260335050777293394" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 320px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 240px; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0">Group photo!!! lol

Monday, October 20, 2008

Early Birthday Gift~

Its kinda expensive gift from my auntie which onli comes back about 5 to 8 years once
she wont be able to stay til my birthday so she gave a me a early one in state~
its a 3d puzzle which i have been eyeing on since jan~
I wont buy it for myself even if i have the money coz i've made a vow not to buy anymore of this kinda stuff to my dad since last december ><

Apple of Archer~ haha~

Cheese cake

Haha~ finally its my turn to bake a cheese cake~
I've been learning and helping my mum wif the previous cheese cakes and cakes
So finally i can try to bake my own cake~
Of course under my mum de supervision~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Boring week~

Its been another boring week as usual~
everyone in skul all kena puppy love fever ler~
find them getting lame by the days expect ah bo lah~
the rest is all zzz hopeless~
since i'm banned from com for tat few days~
In my boredom sketching is the best i can do and sms my pet sister~
haiz~ blog onli lah~

Japanese FOOD!!!! XD

japanese chocolate XD

ermm.. cup noodles~

juz some japanese cups~ looks kinda solid XD

Alot of msg punya snack ><
Melon Drink~

tasty green tea snack~ its in sticks but not like rocky de~ its basically green tea and chocolate~
Japanese noodles~
how the cup noodles looks like~

The doggie and panda shape ermm i dunno wat is it ><