Monday, May 24, 2010

30th May 2010 No more reservation

Ever since I came back from camp,
I felt tat sumthing was missing, it wasn't a bad thing though tat was what i felt.
Probably, its bcoz i've been away for too long and it was misplace?
Or is it tat i left tat thing back at camp?
I never bothered trying to find it..
I guessed i was prepared to lose it.

I lost my heart to actually start a relationship or to improve in my love life.
it was a big deal to me before but sumhow none of these mattered anymore..
I used to be bothered by it..
So is it good tat i've lost tat kind of attitude?
Now all i wan to is juz to go wif the flow and follow through my college life.
Sumhow i think i'm not really prepared for these things..

So no more reservations ler~

Some pictures tat i've editted~

Sunday, May 23, 2010

24th May 2010 Day out

Had an awesome day out with the gang~
Even though i juz went out wif them on saturday
but it feels great and fun to be hanging out wif them.
We went to this park known as sentul park
for japanese food and this beautiful scenery
Food for the eyes~ haha~
We're snapping photos where ever we went,
until sum fat basket from no where came out to spoil the party.
He came to say tat no photos within the park.
Screw him la~ everyone was taking photos everywhere,
So why us?
After tat basket showed up,
we lost our mood and decided to go the curve
and let the ladies do the shopping~
It was a very enjoyable day..
But sumhow i dun really feel the same compared to last time
have i change tat much?
Or is it tat they had change?
I feel so out of place, its like I dun belong here..
Or is it tat i've been thinking too much?
I dunno know..
Was going to camp such a big affect to my life?
Whats the changes?
And what are my chances?

Took a nice shot from behind~
Model of the day HanHan~

Friday, May 21, 2010

22nd May 2010 My journey ends here

In dorm~

A pictures of all the buddies i hang out with most of the time. All from company Bravo and alpha.

HOw my camp looks like

I"m back
Was a very fun and learning exprience for me in nasional service.
But i thank god for giving me a chance to learn
I've made alot of new friends, seen alot of new people
And how to deal wif different people.
WAs a very sad day when i left the camp.
Seeing off my friends and hugging them b4 i departed
Going back home to me dint really matter anymore
since there is onli about another 3 weeks b4 everything really ends
And i wont be able to return there anymore...
But on the other hand its good to be back.
To see my family members and to know how are they doin~
Once in awhile reminisce of my life in ns will float my mind.
Miss my friends in the camp
And really would like to lend my hand to them if anything happens
Well i'll try to help them in anyway i can from here.
After all of this i'll be starting my college life soon
VEry soon~
Well i will be seeing sum of my fellow camp mates in the same college though~
Anyway Juz do my best~