Tuesday, July 27, 2010

27.07.2010 A very Happy Birthday~

A very HAppy Birthday to Man Ching~
haha dun so moody la~ i wont forget ur birthday de~

HAppy Birthday To Ah Bo, My best friend since 2006 til now~
Lai Dota La NOOB!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

13th July 2010 Rain

July’s lies and the truth in front of my eyes are put away in sepia tones
Nestling close to one another, warmth; I don’t understand those things anymore

“You’ll be fine on your own… right?” you said, forcing it upon me and then you said goodbye
If it’s going to be that kind of consolation then I should be tired of hearing it by now

Endlessly ringing; the merciless memories seem to have no intention of forgiving me
If I close my eyes they will only grow surrounding me at a distance; your laugh

Will the rain ever stop, I wonder? For a pretty long time now it’s been cold
Why does the rain choose to fall on me? Why does it choose me who has nowhere to escape to?

Time intrudes on the new morning I finally found
The direction I face is not the future, I kept chasing after the past

You, who gave me a new start by your consolations and the hateful and cowardly me
It’s about time… Fumbling, my troubles spill down my tired cheeks

Eyes that don’t want to know the past and fingers that can wash it all away
Scars heal at a gentle pace; at an unreachable distance that seems to be within reach

Will the rain ever stop, I wonder? For a pretty long time now it’s been cold
Why does the rain choose to fall on me? I wonder if it’s okay to let it cover me

The rain keeps on falling today as well knowing no end
While we quietly nestle together under the umbrella I hold

Monday, July 5, 2010

5th July 2010 Wake up wake up!!!

Today was the deadline for my E&E assignment which consist of 6 questions
3 require multisim to completed.
The days b4 today i knew i muz do my assignment but sumhow i dint get tat " ernest this is serious isuue faster finish it before its too late" feeling. So i took my time and still continue to mess around almost everyday.

It was until today when i actually started to rush to complete the assignment very rush and copying my friend's answer sumhow dint feel very good, it wasn't good at all it sucked hard but i had no choice i juz copied. It saw the lecturer's face i knew he was dead serious and sumhow i felt like i juz woke up to say tat shit wad had i've been doing? I sat down back at my seat listening to my headphones slowly slowly realize that i've juz made myself into a fool...

What was i doing? Am i still dreaming? I know my heart is left back at camp but i'm really clueless now..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th July 2010 Let it all out

Let it all out, Let it all out
You needn't put on a brave face
The flowers that someone doodled on the wall is swaying

No one know what it means to be like yourself
Along a long, long road you lose some and gain some
Though you get lonely suddenly and there are days when you cry

Change the tears and pain into the stars
Let's ignite a light to light up tomorrow
Let the two of us put our small hands together and make them
Let search for stardust and a bright shining eternity

Let it all out, Let it all out
There’s a lot of things you lack, aren’t there?
But it’s ok to be lacking – that’s how I met you in the first place

You wanted to know exactly what tomorrow was
You had a little knife hidden in your sock
But putting on a brave face and telling the lie hurt so much more

I know that you might be scared but you will keep moving forward
The meaning behind your smile is playing in the wind
We need to stay together and we need to help each other out
So we can keep searching for that star that shines brightest in the sky

What should we do if what we thought was right turns out to be wrong?
We can only accept that some truths will cause us sorrow
I thought I had lost it But you knew all along
I’m so thankful you were there

We’ll turn all the tears and all the pain into stars
We’ll light the light that brightens our tomorrow
Let’s hold up our hands and together make
Stardust For the forever that shines powerfully

There may come a day when we have to say goodbye
As seasons come and seasons go
Even if we get a little lost I’m walking I’m walking with you
And that won’t change no matter what

Thursday, July 1, 2010

2nd July 2010 Restlessness

It feels kind of pathetic that I'm feeling so troubled
I couldn't stand still so I ran

What do I want to do? There's nothing.
I snuck up to the rooftop, to catch a breeze.
Today's city lights were boring filled with restlessness
My friends watch me with worried eyes
"I'm not crying" I spit out
but it really sucks having to act tough.
A street that I'm used to walking
I finally got an ipod
Some cheap rap that has no meaning
I'm carrying a bag that feels heavy for some reason
A place that should feel warm to me
I open a window to let out that dark air
I'm about to be crushed by the pressure
so I retreat to the park I always go to

Worrying that everything might break
I fear tomorrow
But I know that I won't find any answers
by looking at the day after tomorrow

In this limited amount of time
I'll try to draw myself
That's all I need for now