Sunday, July 26, 2009


Have been busy lately so wasn't quite able to update
One of the best things were tat i was able to serve for a wedding~
Was a fun experience.

I started the day by fetching a few of my friends for breakfast
Breakfast at McD was ermm slightly expensive
anyway was aonce in awhile so i dun mind paying for it
We spend sum time talking ther til it was about time for us to leave

By then we drove to the wedding and started to help arranging the tables and chairs
Was fun doing it wif everyone~
And soon after we finish up was lunch time~ xD
We ate 1st coz we'll be serving~
The food was nice~

As soon as we know it the guests arrived~
And we'll hav to serve them~
One thing i notice about the guests
Church members are much more polite and well mannered
compared to the outsiders which simply put the dirty dishes and take things for gratted
And worse of all there is this one little kid which manage to annoy me
All the balloons tat was blown up and decorated around the area was taken down by him
and he bursted it causing a loud noise its very disrespectful as there were elders ther

After serving i went straight to tuition
was smelly~ i know = =
but cant help it~ was doing add maths questions from 6 to 8
And reach home as soon as i can~

But thruogh the whole day
i felt tat are ppl tat does not like ppl joining their group even though the others dun mind
And it was him tat let out an aura of rejection and hatred
Which of coz ignite my angry but was control by a gentle wind~
Even though he can do hateful things but i hope some day it'll be my turn~

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Every year the 1st 3 classes will be given a page on the skul's mag~
So to say my class is getting a page for the skul's mag tis year~
We're planning to fill that page wif our photos~ or to say our memories~
And since every year the same kind of photo will be put on it~
i thought mayb we'll try sumthing different tis year~
juz to make it special and different for the other years and classes~
So one day while i was lying on my bed i thought of an idea~
About taking our photo in a formation~ xD
And i discussed it wil ham jie the next day and moved on the the different groups in class
And thx god everyone agreed~
even the teacher~

On the day itself we're were lacking guys therefore our 5 suck hard = =
while the girls did a good job on their S~ xD
its a S not ass = =
And the next problem was wif the camera man chee wing
he'll count from 1 to 3 but he nvr tell us whether he took di or not
Anyhow it was fun taking the pictures~
And the best part my plan worked xD

Can you spot me?

Sunday, July 5, 2009


The sky that I looked at up for a bit; the ordinary days that were too good to be true
Every time when I turn my back, you only mutter
Where should I go? With you, who has such a face

The shadows in the back of the alley; the needle of the clock
Repaints the stopped time

My hands that reached out; I had abandoned
The puzzle that won’t interlock together until we meet
It’s something lost; recovering
The last piece

The memory of the faraway day that I forgot about some other time
If I stacked it on the corner of my heart
There’d only be nostalgic sceneries and catchphrases during that while

As if confused, I turn my eyes downwards
Please don’t stand still, chase me

The words that we exchanged can’t form shapes
But my irritating feelings convey my thoughts
Lining up my shoulders with the pouring rainIn this way

When it comes to the direction of the wind, you know it; it’s a new beginning

My hands that reached out; I had abandoned
The puzzle that won’t interlock together until we meetIt’s something lost; let’s recover
The last piece and start walking


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time to update~

Its been awhile~
was planning to update after getting all the picture taken during the camp in taman negara
well i cant wait for it anymore~
too much xD

Had a wonderful exprience in camp
although i went wif a injured knee
But it was fun~
Would be better if the teacher are much more spoting
compared to the fat zulaili showin off her small gasness
and spoil our mood and atmosphere

After the camp was sum unexpected things tat took the whole skul to shock~

And After tat was Canteen Day~

was planning to open a store

but after hearing i'll nid to pay rm150 to rent a space

and i'll nid to pay 70% profit to the skul

I quited = =