Friday, December 31, 2010

31th Decemeber 2010 The Closing of the year of begins

The Ending of my year of begins~
A list To wrap up wad happened this year~:
  1. My 1st time working as kindergarten teacher
  2. My 1st time going to national service(and oso my last time~)
  3. My 1st time entering College
  4. My 1st time college examination
  5. My 1st time Doing homework
  6. My1st time winning a gold medal for life-toll swimming
  7. My 1st time wearing jeans
  8. My 1st time burning lab equipments just the fuse though~
  9. My 1st time Doing revision before exams
  10. My 1st time building a robot
  11. My 1st time Dying my hair
  12. My 1st time Cutting my hair bald
  13. My 1st time Playing water polo
  14. My 1st time being Ernest..
It was a Fun 2010 and year of begins
And juz before coming to a close~
My long Lost brothers and Sisters was found on facebook~

I had always searched for them online and was really hoping tat one day i would be able to come in contact wif them, Even though i used to be the nerd who always got his ass kicked in class, but i still do have some good memories about my past~ It was then when i really knew about the meaning of friends. When i was in Ipoh a lot of unpleasant things happen but my best friend really did stood by my side, they never left me not once!

That's why i really wanted to meet them again if i can, I'm planning a trip back to Ipoh to meet them. And even though i still haven seen tat certain someone which i wan to see how tat someone would look like now and how much tat someone had change but I'm hoping i can find that certain someone in some of my lost brothers and sisters picture. I owe that certain someone a lot for being my strength when i 1st came to kl.

My brother Ng Wen Bin One of the best friends you'll only come across over a 100 hundred years. It has been 6 years since i lost contact wif them and finally i found them~ I was really happy that i could seriously jump over the moon, i had never been so happy ever in my whole life~ No word can express how happy i am now.

Now whats left is the beginning of 2011 and the year of Challenges
To start things off My finals begins on the 6th of January~
And that's the 1st boulder I've have to overcome.

31/12/2010 Case Closed

Friday, December 24, 2010

24th December 2010 Wishing Everyone a Blessed Christmas

Me ,Dinesh and Mile we're from the swimming club~ awesome swimmers they are and awesome water polo players too.
My nasional Service brothers Kenny And Jacky~ dun mind the pose its to show our brotherly love~ :D
Me,Daren And Kenny~ Daren the joker~ haha~ his a even bigger joker than me~ somehow my jokes dont really stand out when i'm wif them~ coz they're epic~
My college mates Alex and Chanchai~ We had been helping each other out since last sem~ awesome people to be with.
Edwin(dai lou), Me and chanchai~ we took this when we was about to finish our robotic arm~ Epic buddies~ haha~

A blessed Christmas to all my friends~
well its been awhile since i last updated my blog~
Alot had happened and i was abit lazy to find the time to update it~
anyhow i have the to mood to update it so here it is~

the above pictures are juz about wad happened during the previous months~
Since i joined the swimming club i've got dark really quickly almost darker than when i was in nasional service.

I recently juz had a gathering wif my nasional service brothers and sisters~ it was an awesome time out wif them. was hyper super hyper when i'm wif them, somehow i feel more at easy when i'm will them makes me feel like ya this is where is missed the most. And they are my motivation for me to push myself~ i really love them~ haha~ even though they dun really noe how much i appreciate them but hey~ my dad once told me:
What the right does, the left hand should not know~
so i dont mind~ anyway some things are best to be hidden and taken to the grave wif me~ :D

24.12.2010 case closed

Monday, December 6, 2010

7th December 2010 The Break up Club

I watch this movie yesterday night, its known as "the breakup club"
it has quite an interesting storyline~ consider a slice of life~
the actress oso leng lui~ so not bad bah~
This movie is quite realistic as it shows you the ups and downs of a relationship and how a third person can actually comes in and take away your partner.
Things like this do happen and its actually hard to point the finger at who is actually wrong though.
There is no good or evil... only thinking makes it so..
exactly hat shake spears said, i find it quite true.
overall its an awesome movie try and watch it if you have the time, it might teach you a thing or 2~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29th September 2010 The furthest end

How is it over there?
Surely it's a place where I don't know
A letter would be nice
Give me a word or two so
I'll know you are doing well

Opening the door and heading
Toward you but I cannot do anything
so I hope at least this song or prayer
reaches you deep inside of your heart

Not one cloud in the clear blue sky
Not one method to hide my tear is given
The day to end has come
Now I cannot say anything to you
Ordinary day yes it was
But then you colored my black and white life to red
It was such a small graceful love
yes it was a small grace full love so now

If I can belive that someday we can meet again
that will be my strength
we will spend the days like it was before
till then I will sing this song for you

If the door closes
We'd be apart forever I cannot bear
You will ever know my feelings
You will be from a dark cloud to the rain

Ordinary day yes it was
But then you colored my black and white life to red
It was such a small graceful love
yes it was a small grace full love so now


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

7th September 2010 Because you are here.

Because you suddenly said
"Its alright to cry"
I was somehow happy and smiled without a tear

Unfortunately I have hurt you with clumsy words
Nevertheless you never left me
But kept supporting me in this way even now

the wishes and dreams I want to fulfill,
all the feelings I want to send out
that in which I keep believing, summons a miracle
and will be connected to the future
I want to watch over you, always, yes, always
Dear, my friend

Because you told me "you'll be alright"
at the time of our parting
The loneliness I felt disappeared beautifully with that single word

Opening a new door is something everyone is afraid of, but
when I remember how you've always encouraged me, I'm filled with strength

I won't surrender my honest feelings
All these honest words
If I can convey them with my words, the future will extend out
Because you are in my heart forever, yes, forever
Dear my friend

Even if I seem to stop or forget
I vow that I will always keep moving forward
The sky above is shining a light until the day I meet you

The wishes and dreams I want to fulfill,
all the feelings I want to send out
that in which I keep believing, summons a miracle
and will be connected to the future
I want to watch over you, always, yes, always
Dear, my friend

Thursday, August 26, 2010

26th august 2010 The missing part

Inside my head I can hear your voice
Even now, my heart is fluttering
In my memories, youre always there
Smiling softly

One day, we were going home together
Laughing as we held each others hands
I felt that it would go on forever
Your lasts words [Thank you for everything]
Continues to echo

I want to see you, the voice thats no longer there
I keep on calling out your name
Such sorrow, such pain
The lonely night scares me
I look up to the sky
searching for you

Im still wearing the ring that you gave
This was the last promise the two of us made
In the faraway world you are in now
Are you still wearing your ring?

Someday, Ill send you the thoughts and feelings
That have always lain asleep deep in my heart
To wherever youre watching over me from
This song, I sing for you

I want to see you, the voice thats no longer there
I keep on calling out your name
Such sorrow, such pain
The lonely night scares me
I look up on to the sky

Ill never ever forget
About how much I love you
No matter how much I change inside

In the end I was able to convey
These words I wanted to send you

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25th August 2010 Once upon a time

Today marks the beginning of my finals,
I was barely able to wake up this morning to make it for the 1st paper.
Due to my disturbing ceiling fan making noises that kept me awake for almost the whole night.
I dragged myself up knowing that today is a big day somehow it feels like something big is happening. While driving to college i was trying hard to remember whatever I've studied yesterday, its a lousy subject which I guess probably no one likes it but everyone has to take this subject. Hubungan etnik cant the government make us waste our brain cells on another subject that has some sense of future in it?
Overall the exam was quite okay. Dint really have any big problems with the questions thank God for that even though I only studied less 3 hours.

As promised I met up with Fly to go for a meal at McD, I 1st thought of eating some where near tawakal hospital there cause I'm a bit fed up with the place we usually eat.
Ate quite a bit, some how my capacity has greatly reduced, what's wrong with me?
Its really not like me to fill full so easily. Don't really know why and is it a good thing or a bad thing, probably going to a buffet its really a good choice anymore.

case closed 25/8/2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

16th August 2010 I'm back

Recently, i was having quite a tough time trying to catch up wif my college work
sumhow, it wasn't as easy as i thought it was.
And i'm starting to lose interest in my course which isn't sumthing good.

Yesterday fiona, wei wei, raymond, issac, joel, samuel, and yuh yang decided to celebrate gracy's bday~
And i tagged along too, it was fun fooling around wif them~ luaghing wif them doing stupid things oso la
I was really hyper~ It was really a nice trip~ i hope gracy had a nice bday too~

Today right after lunch wif aaron's family,
i received a call from Lim asking me whether or not to hang out wif pei pei and her in midvalley~
well i said yes and went out wif them~ Was fun hanging out wif the and i really missed them alot too.
Pei Pei as usual was cheerful juz like her and lim was oso the same old cool looking lim~
Really miss them~
Walk around looking at clothes most of the time~ Took a few photos wif them too~
Well it was juz us only though, but we had fun la~ And sumhow gracy spotted me wif them = =

After all of these outings i've finally notice and more like remembered tat i muz work hard some how~
Pei pei is doing her best in college handing up assignments day after day and having 2 hours sleep everyday.
while Lim is struggling wif her form 6 exams too, I know its not easy, but they can be and they here~ wif me today~
Still the same them smiling and laughing together wif me. And i look back at myself...
i look pathetic!!! What da HECK was wrong wif me?
I'm really motivated to study and charge ahead. Thanks guys i owe u 1~
Some their words oso encourage me.
I will do my best!!

Somehow i really appreciate this outings~
I nearly lost my heart again...
Thanks for reminding me again.
u all are my motivation!!!

Case Closed 16/8/2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

14th August 2010 Update

Its been quite awhile since i've post anything.
Was in the mood to do so and dint really have the time to do so too~
Haha~ well here i am posting sumthing~

I've been quite busy will all my course work and reports recently
well~ that wad u get from last minute work~
but tats the onli way to confirm the answer la~
Well, as usually i'm one of the not very bright students in class but still hanging on some how~
Thank god for tat~
I hope i will do better and improve coz i'm sure i wont survive long if i continue like tis.

A lot has happen recently~ will both good and bad la~
but whether is good or bad is oso another question xD
I've witness a lot of anger and hatred going around.
Well i myself oso was caught in sum of those activities,
It was on this one day, there's this very arrogant guy tat i've met,
Sumhow i was given a choice whether to stick or not wif this guy but i try to myself out of trouble
but sumhow, by juz talking to this guy pisses me off onli i saw the future 5minits me bashing tat jerk up.

Mayb i'm too sensitive? could be~
mayb his jokes sucks? Possibly~
my fault~ totally~

Well, I'll work on myself more, but sumhow seriously i wish i wont have to continue to stick to hang out tat guy. T~T
I've promise my daughter i wont do anything stupid.
So i'll juz let things slide for the mean while though until i find a proper way to deal wif him~

And then recently my daughter's friend's Ex; wow long name for him i'll call him Nutcase.
A little intro on kind of a guy nutcase is:
1. play boy
2. say somthing but can do it
3. nvr keeps to his word
4. Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good liar
5. his quite good wif his mouth but 90% is bullshit
---> example: he goes around telling the world on CNN he got 9As for Spm but in fact he onli took 8 subjects and his result barely pass the college requirement more like he was lacking a Credit

Well nutcase is sum1 i actually know. dint really like him, well even my daughter oso dun like him. Well nutcase has been posting some very stupid and selfish posts on his blog.
Tat really cause my daughter and her to get pissed off, i too am pissed off coz how can sumone like him write such a thing about ppl? He himself is one of the worst quality ppl i've ever known and there he is flaming ppl saying how sucky they are. Go kiss some bull shit la i'll give to him.
I feel like talking to him in person, and giving him a piece of my mind.
Why can ppl juz accept the fact tat no one is perfect and it is no one's fault a relationship ends?
When a relationship ends it onli mean tat you 2 are not meant for each other, or if the parting reason was sumthing else then plz consider that too. relationship is not sumthing based on one side, its sumthing tat u muz consider both side. Well i oso noe how to talk onli haha~
Even though my daughter wont allow me to do so, but hey~ no harm trying rite? haha~

I'm not the type to sit around and point fingers de. ACTION!!!
well as usual~ come with the wind go with the wind style~
And brothers and sisters~ ATTENTION!!!!

Case Close

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

27.07.2010 A very Happy Birthday~

A very HAppy Birthday to Man Ching~
haha dun so moody la~ i wont forget ur birthday de~

HAppy Birthday To Ah Bo, My best friend since 2006 til now~
Lai Dota La NOOB!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

13th July 2010 Rain

July’s lies and the truth in front of my eyes are put away in sepia tones
Nestling close to one another, warmth; I don’t understand those things anymore

“You’ll be fine on your own… right?” you said, forcing it upon me and then you said goodbye
If it’s going to be that kind of consolation then I should be tired of hearing it by now

Endlessly ringing; the merciless memories seem to have no intention of forgiving me
If I close my eyes they will only grow surrounding me at a distance; your laugh

Will the rain ever stop, I wonder? For a pretty long time now it’s been cold
Why does the rain choose to fall on me? Why does it choose me who has nowhere to escape to?

Time intrudes on the new morning I finally found
The direction I face is not the future, I kept chasing after the past

You, who gave me a new start by your consolations and the hateful and cowardly me
It’s about time… Fumbling, my troubles spill down my tired cheeks

Eyes that don’t want to know the past and fingers that can wash it all away
Scars heal at a gentle pace; at an unreachable distance that seems to be within reach

Will the rain ever stop, I wonder? For a pretty long time now it’s been cold
Why does the rain choose to fall on me? I wonder if it’s okay to let it cover me

The rain keeps on falling today as well knowing no end
While we quietly nestle together under the umbrella I hold

Monday, July 5, 2010

5th July 2010 Wake up wake up!!!

Today was the deadline for my E&E assignment which consist of 6 questions
3 require multisim to completed.
The days b4 today i knew i muz do my assignment but sumhow i dint get tat " ernest this is serious isuue faster finish it before its too late" feeling. So i took my time and still continue to mess around almost everyday.

It was until today when i actually started to rush to complete the assignment very rush and copying my friend's answer sumhow dint feel very good, it wasn't good at all it sucked hard but i had no choice i juz copied. It saw the lecturer's face i knew he was dead serious and sumhow i felt like i juz woke up to say tat shit wad had i've been doing? I sat down back at my seat listening to my headphones slowly slowly realize that i've juz made myself into a fool...

What was i doing? Am i still dreaming? I know my heart is left back at camp but i'm really clueless now..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th July 2010 Let it all out

Let it all out, Let it all out
You needn't put on a brave face
The flowers that someone doodled on the wall is swaying

No one know what it means to be like yourself
Along a long, long road you lose some and gain some
Though you get lonely suddenly and there are days when you cry

Change the tears and pain into the stars
Let's ignite a light to light up tomorrow
Let the two of us put our small hands together and make them
Let search for stardust and a bright shining eternity

Let it all out, Let it all out
There’s a lot of things you lack, aren’t there?
But it’s ok to be lacking – that’s how I met you in the first place

You wanted to know exactly what tomorrow was
You had a little knife hidden in your sock
But putting on a brave face and telling the lie hurt so much more

I know that you might be scared but you will keep moving forward
The meaning behind your smile is playing in the wind
We need to stay together and we need to help each other out
So we can keep searching for that star that shines brightest in the sky

What should we do if what we thought was right turns out to be wrong?
We can only accept that some truths will cause us sorrow
I thought I had lost it But you knew all along
I’m so thankful you were there

We’ll turn all the tears and all the pain into stars
We’ll light the light that brightens our tomorrow
Let’s hold up our hands and together make
Stardust For the forever that shines powerfully

There may come a day when we have to say goodbye
As seasons come and seasons go
Even if we get a little lost I’m walking I’m walking with you
And that won’t change no matter what

Thursday, July 1, 2010

2nd July 2010 Restlessness

It feels kind of pathetic that I'm feeling so troubled
I couldn't stand still so I ran

What do I want to do? There's nothing.
I snuck up to the rooftop, to catch a breeze.
Today's city lights were boring filled with restlessness
My friends watch me with worried eyes
"I'm not crying" I spit out
but it really sucks having to act tough.
A street that I'm used to walking
I finally got an ipod
Some cheap rap that has no meaning
I'm carrying a bag that feels heavy for some reason
A place that should feel warm to me
I open a window to let out that dark air
I'm about to be crushed by the pressure
so I retreat to the park I always go to

Worrying that everything might break
I fear tomorrow
But I know that I won't find any answers
by looking at the day after tomorrow

In this limited amount of time
I'll try to draw myself
That's all I need for now

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

18th June 2010 The long dream

Its been almost a week after i went back to camp segari for the closing of siri7 kumpulan 2

On the 10 june 2010, i picked up Pei Xuan and Bl from kepong ktm station and started our journey to bidor 1st~

Awesome journey we were laughing and chating the whole and even singing at some point.

After we've reach bidor, we met Ah pan's parents and took off to ipoh after tat.

We had our lunch at ipoh white coffee~ Soon after tat we went to pick up Ah pan from his hostel.

I overshot his hostel but then sumhow his dad saw me and came after me..

kinda scary as if he followed us and knew our position. But no worries their awesome ppl~

it was a straight road to camp but then i stopped at giant to buy treats for my brothers at camp

When we reach camp, Pei Xuan was really excited till almost started screaming haha~

Can understand why though~ I was excited too, I've really missed my brothers in camp.
When i finally got to see them haha~ I felt the blood rush~ miss them so much~

Mayb it wasn't really on my face tat day but i was very happy to be able to see them all~

Until at night after dinner, We all went to the kolam to have our last swimming class together~ And we brought coke along~ we dump all 12 cans of coke and 2 cans of 100plus and everyone got one can we started to shake the can and we open the can together and bath ourselves in coke~ haha~ 1st time doin such thing~ but it was fun though~ and while we're having fun half Kj had to annnouce to meet us.. party pooper~

After tat the night session was every companies last performance.

After tat was the sharing of the prize we got~ haha~ company bravo got no1 for overall!!!

haha~ Awesome night~ we starting taking pictures wif everyone~ until we were chased back to our dorm. But it was ok~ we had fun ever back dorm~

12th june 2010 The rain of departure

Everyone was getting emotional about leaving each others and we're still taking photos together

for the memories in our own memory collection..

Pei Xuan cried until her eyes were so red it look kinda scary though, she can scared anybody de la~ haha~ I dint cried until the last part where daren was about to board the bus...

The rush of tears suddenly came kinda heart breaking see them leaving one by one though tat bus window..

But until the End i still belive we'll meet again... Someday somehow~

What are our chances? haha~

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3rd June 2010 Happy Birthday to HanHan and sio

Happy birthday SIo~

Happy birthday Hanhan~
BOth wif the same date of birth~
Both my best friend~
Both please enjoy ur day~
And wishing BOth a vERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

30th May 2010 No more reservation

Ever since I came back from camp,
I felt tat sumthing was missing, it wasn't a bad thing though tat was what i felt.
Probably, its bcoz i've been away for too long and it was misplace?
Or is it tat i left tat thing back at camp?
I never bothered trying to find it..
I guessed i was prepared to lose it.

I lost my heart to actually start a relationship or to improve in my love life.
it was a big deal to me before but sumhow none of these mattered anymore..
I used to be bothered by it..
So is it good tat i've lost tat kind of attitude?
Now all i wan to is juz to go wif the flow and follow through my college life.
Sumhow i think i'm not really prepared for these things..

So no more reservations ler~

Some pictures tat i've editted~

Sunday, May 23, 2010

24th May 2010 Day out

Had an awesome day out with the gang~
Even though i juz went out wif them on saturday
but it feels great and fun to be hanging out wif them.
We went to this park known as sentul park
for japanese food and this beautiful scenery
Food for the eyes~ haha~
We're snapping photos where ever we went,
until sum fat basket from no where came out to spoil the party.
He came to say tat no photos within the park.
Screw him la~ everyone was taking photos everywhere,
So why us?
After tat basket showed up,
we lost our mood and decided to go the curve
and let the ladies do the shopping~
It was a very enjoyable day..
But sumhow i dun really feel the same compared to last time
have i change tat much?
Or is it tat they had change?
I feel so out of place, its like I dun belong here..
Or is it tat i've been thinking too much?
I dunno know..
Was going to camp such a big affect to my life?
Whats the changes?
And what are my chances?

Took a nice shot from behind~
Model of the day HanHan~

Friday, May 21, 2010

22nd May 2010 My journey ends here

In dorm~

A pictures of all the buddies i hang out with most of the time. All from company Bravo and alpha.

HOw my camp looks like

I"m back
Was a very fun and learning exprience for me in nasional service.
But i thank god for giving me a chance to learn
I've made alot of new friends, seen alot of new people
And how to deal wif different people.
WAs a very sad day when i left the camp.
Seeing off my friends and hugging them b4 i departed
Going back home to me dint really matter anymore
since there is onli about another 3 weeks b4 everything really ends
And i wont be able to return there anymore...
But on the other hand its good to be back.
To see my family members and to know how are they doin~
Once in awhile reminisce of my life in ns will float my mind.
Miss my friends in the camp
And really would like to lend my hand to them if anything happens
Well i'll try to help them in anyway i can from here.
After all of this i'll be starting my college life soon
VEry soon~
Well i will be seeing sum of my fellow camp mates in the same college though~
Anyway Juz do my best~

Friday, April 30, 2010

1st May 2010 Back to camp

I'm leaving for ipoh as soon as i finish this post,
I bought the 3pm train so i should reach ipoh around 6pm
Its a long journey but i think i can adapt to it.
Its my journey after all.

There is a whole list of things i must compete b4 my return.
  1. Slim down
  2. at least 4 pax
  3. a person tat is able to adapt to any situation
  4. exit my limits in both physical and mental
  5. come back home in one piece
Tat should be all i guess these are the main thing i wan to compete.
And to be a much more understand person and patience is wad i really wan.
I thank you all my friends for caring for me and went out to yum cha wif me
Don't worry though Ns is not as tough as u think~
I will be back~!!!
I wont do anything stupid b4 competing my promises.

The Ns gang~ They are there i know it

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

28th april 2010 I'm back

This is the gang tat i hang out wif from the left is wai sing, me, amir and Ah boon
From the left Ah boon, vilmaren and me
Vilmaren is almost 70% chinese coz of his attitude

From the left me, nick, ken, i cant remember his name = = and then theres mai

From the left Ah Pent, me, daren. yap and teng chung

I'm Back from Ns
But its onli for 5 days den i'll be on my way back to the camp.
Its not long but it good enuff for me to catch wif sum friends and family members.
What have i been doin in NS?
not much exercise day and nite so tat i can keep my promise.
chatting on the phone when i have the chance and going hyper wif the gang.
We're a very rowdy bunch but we have our qualities~
Had Been swimming in the kolam for quite a few days b4 we came back~
All in all i thank god for this chance to be able to go for NS
And I'm really enjoying my stay in Ns
I promised myself to take every chance tat presents itself in front of me.
But sumhow i dun think i'm doin my part..
Juz another episode of me reflecting on the things i've done.


Friday, April 9, 2010

11 april 2010 Departure

Just got my comfirmation of going ns tis tuesday.
Well i'll be goin to perak, my home town i hope ipoh still welcome me..
Ipoh was the place of mistakes and learning.
I've made plenty of mistakes and most of it had help to made the person i am today.

I'll be leaving for ipoh tomorrow, and i'll begin my national service on sunday.
I hope i'll make used of time properly while i'm inside there serving.
There pros and cons to this national service from where i see it.
I gave up my children for this, so tat i can get it over with asap.
whats waiting on the other side after i walk out of my national service?

Simple, my nai ma and gang will be there coz we're goin sungkai.
next, ah fung and eng keat will be greeting me wif a smile ( my dear brothers)
next, aaron wong will be exchange blows wif me in court.
lastly, i'll collect my ring.. if you are still reading this then please be prepared for my return
coz i wan back my brother;y ring tat i entrusted to you. Its my time of growth.

Forgive me if i speak too arrogantly
But this is juz another episode of me..
I'm out~ xD
Laugh and grow FAT!! haha~


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

31st march 2010 Thoughts..

I was told not thinking so much..
This happen quite alot of times in the past.
alot of misunderstand was cause by my over use of thinking.
how do i actually don't care?
Why do i thinkk so much? is it because i'm scare of wad may happen?
Or am i juz scare of the word "possibility" ?
What is this "possibility" that i'm so scared of?
Possibility holds no limits tat wad i think,
as long as there is even 0.000000000001% that sumthing may occur,
Then it may happen.. tat is possibility..
Haven really been myself ever since tat happen.
Have i lost myself to the fear tat was consume myself?
How to do i find back my way?
How do i stand up again?
How do i fight for myself once more?
Have I died?

26th march 2010 Last day working at little inventor

The day right after the dinner wif the gang.
its my last day teaching in little inventor.
Was doin the normal work as usual.
In the morning i greet all the my children, somehow when the other teachers remind me tat it was my last, i dint feel anything at all~

Seeing my children and taching them knowing tatit will be the very last time i will be seeing them. everything was ok until the clock strikes 5 and i had to get back to the office to do sum office work. I was still carrying yee xuan when i had to put her down.
i suddenly felt tat i really wan to continue to work here.
And will much resistance i put her down and waving bye bye to her~
Her innocence and chubby smile was oso saying bye bye to me.
Slowly as the clock slowly moves to 6 i said goodbye to t.wong
and soon seeing off my children one by one~
I really wont forget this working exprience, as i really enjoy working here.
I thank god for giving me the chance to work here and meeting ppl of different faces.

my daughter shin jie xD

from the left yi xing, xin tong and shin jie

shin jie and yoon jae

from the left shin jie, xi wei and xue rou

My baby yee xuan~ xD