Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!!! To brother Caleb And daughter Shu Ting~!!

Brother Lebz

Happy 17th birthday !!! xD
Older by one year again!!
Take good care of your body o~

Daughter Shuu = =
old lady~ happy birthday~ o
And enjoy urself on your birthday bah

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yes i'm am the one

Came back from a tiring day of exam and tuition
by the i locked the car walk into the house
my bro was running at me full wif joy and luaghter
to tell me tat the comfirmation letter of me going to Ns is here
which means his wans me bald and send away.
no surprise though~ i would to if it was him~

Which means i'll hav to get my pradon from the principle
and so i'll nid to go wif meg gie and kok wing
which meg gie hardly even come to skul recently
and kok wing wans to settle it ASAP
so i was also lazy to wait fr her as ermm dun really care about her stuff anymore
And so we went together to get the thing done which cost us our recess

going into the chemistry exam unprepared
to my delight the paper was a easy pull off~
so after the paper boring as usual while the rest will be ding their best in it
and i would be day dreaming on my table
thinkin of wad would happen when i'll be send to tawau ==
issac used to said tat there's nth to do ther
eat, sleep, shit, get a sun burn and juz show off ur muscle wif friends
and tat should be all for Ns.
i was sumhow expecting ther would be abit more fun installed

So if i'm not wrong i would be send ther by next year
during my holiday which means 3 months holiday gone ==
wasted wei~


Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't Say That You are LAZY!!!!!

This exam really woke me up sumhow
to notice tat how much i suck
while doing the paper i kept asking myself the same questions
here it goes~:
ei why u're not doin the questions?
dunno how to do la~
Den how? why dunno do de?
dint study mah~
Why dint study?
been gamiing too much and too lazy
See lazy is ur problem,by keeping ur present standard ur no match for him
ya i know.. big gap la
So? tak boleh ka?
susah lor~ tapi kalau saya boleh belajar banyak sikit..
Nah see~ tat is wad u nid!!
but how la i lazy no easy way ke?
easy way arh? got~ walk out that door and say ur prayers b4 jumpin down from the 3 floor
yee wan meh no fun
Fun FUN FUN!!! Is tat all u think ka?
kinda.. why so serious?
My future leh not serious arh?
ermm ya hor..
zzz anyhow juz shut up and finish the paper la lame ass
ok lor~

Somehow by thinking back i find it pretty lame of me to be talking to myself
even though i dint do it out loud was in the mind la
anyway if i wan to talk to sumone there is ah siok behind of me which is always free~
Anyhow i suck real hard to core
i really nid to change my laziness in order to pwn tat dude
so conclusion

DoNt Say U ArE LaZy

BcOz U are CraZy!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The party night~

Tonite was the party night yet i dint go~
of coz i hav to put god 1st~
really wish it was on a saturday then i could had join them~
anyhow i think its the largest event for tis year..mayb?
coz they stacked 3 person's birthday together~
The last i had ever been to a party like tis was last year july~
was fun~ but sum how after tat party friendships dint last.
juz start seeing things change to a whole new direction
which ermm i dint like it~
Hope there would be another event like tis~ i mean for tis year la~
And hope tat after tis friendship would still be in tact~
Planning on where to go tis holiday in june~
planning la~ xD
most of all muz be able to go out wif her~
And FUTSAL!!!!
And i'm looking forward to the camp~
I wanna make my last year in skul the best year!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The weather is getting hot recently
but surprisingly the wind has been coming very often~
ther is always tis feeling when the wind always come~
usually it onli comes when exams are closing in~
true though exams are near xD
As usual the wind oso brought a message.
this time was about the ppl around me.
Showing me wad they were really made of and
getting a clearer scope of the way things flow~
and the best of all a reflection of myself
seeing the wrong how wrong i was
as i was dancing too slow for the music.
trying to chill and flow wif the wind~
And catch up wif everyone
let the past be past~
Tat was the lesson's title~
but can i do tat?
Hope i can rather sitting here look at the lost fragments of despair and hatred

I muz run faster~!!!
Faster than the Blazing fire tat nvr stops.
(probably tats why the weather is so hot = =)