Thursday, August 26, 2010

26th august 2010 The missing part

Inside my head I can hear your voice
Even now, my heart is fluttering
In my memories, youre always there
Smiling softly

One day, we were going home together
Laughing as we held each others hands
I felt that it would go on forever
Your lasts words [Thank you for everything]
Continues to echo

I want to see you, the voice thats no longer there
I keep on calling out your name
Such sorrow, such pain
The lonely night scares me
I look up to the sky
searching for you

Im still wearing the ring that you gave
This was the last promise the two of us made
In the faraway world you are in now
Are you still wearing your ring?

Someday, Ill send you the thoughts and feelings
That have always lain asleep deep in my heart
To wherever youre watching over me from
This song, I sing for you

I want to see you, the voice thats no longer there
I keep on calling out your name
Such sorrow, such pain
The lonely night scares me
I look up on to the sky

Ill never ever forget
About how much I love you
No matter how much I change inside

In the end I was able to convey
These words I wanted to send you

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25th August 2010 Once upon a time

Today marks the beginning of my finals,
I was barely able to wake up this morning to make it for the 1st paper.
Due to my disturbing ceiling fan making noises that kept me awake for almost the whole night.
I dragged myself up knowing that today is a big day somehow it feels like something big is happening. While driving to college i was trying hard to remember whatever I've studied yesterday, its a lousy subject which I guess probably no one likes it but everyone has to take this subject. Hubungan etnik cant the government make us waste our brain cells on another subject that has some sense of future in it?
Overall the exam was quite okay. Dint really have any big problems with the questions thank God for that even though I only studied less 3 hours.

As promised I met up with Fly to go for a meal at McD, I 1st thought of eating some where near tawakal hospital there cause I'm a bit fed up with the place we usually eat.
Ate quite a bit, some how my capacity has greatly reduced, what's wrong with me?
Its really not like me to fill full so easily. Don't really know why and is it a good thing or a bad thing, probably going to a buffet its really a good choice anymore.

case closed 25/8/2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

16th August 2010 I'm back

Recently, i was having quite a tough time trying to catch up wif my college work
sumhow, it wasn't as easy as i thought it was.
And i'm starting to lose interest in my course which isn't sumthing good.

Yesterday fiona, wei wei, raymond, issac, joel, samuel, and yuh yang decided to celebrate gracy's bday~
And i tagged along too, it was fun fooling around wif them~ luaghing wif them doing stupid things oso la
I was really hyper~ It was really a nice trip~ i hope gracy had a nice bday too~

Today right after lunch wif aaron's family,
i received a call from Lim asking me whether or not to hang out wif pei pei and her in midvalley~
well i said yes and went out wif them~ Was fun hanging out wif the and i really missed them alot too.
Pei Pei as usual was cheerful juz like her and lim was oso the same old cool looking lim~
Really miss them~
Walk around looking at clothes most of the time~ Took a few photos wif them too~
Well it was juz us only though, but we had fun la~ And sumhow gracy spotted me wif them = =

After all of these outings i've finally notice and more like remembered tat i muz work hard some how~
Pei pei is doing her best in college handing up assignments day after day and having 2 hours sleep everyday.
while Lim is struggling wif her form 6 exams too, I know its not easy, but they can be and they here~ wif me today~
Still the same them smiling and laughing together wif me. And i look back at myself...
i look pathetic!!! What da HECK was wrong wif me?
I'm really motivated to study and charge ahead. Thanks guys i owe u 1~
Some their words oso encourage me.
I will do my best!!

Somehow i really appreciate this outings~
I nearly lost my heart again...
Thanks for reminding me again.
u all are my motivation!!!

Case Closed 16/8/2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

14th August 2010 Update

Its been quite awhile since i've post anything.
Was in the mood to do so and dint really have the time to do so too~
Haha~ well here i am posting sumthing~

I've been quite busy will all my course work and reports recently
well~ that wad u get from last minute work~
but tats the onli way to confirm the answer la~
Well, as usually i'm one of the not very bright students in class but still hanging on some how~
Thank god for tat~
I hope i will do better and improve coz i'm sure i wont survive long if i continue like tis.

A lot has happen recently~ will both good and bad la~
but whether is good or bad is oso another question xD
I've witness a lot of anger and hatred going around.
Well i myself oso was caught in sum of those activities,
It was on this one day, there's this very arrogant guy tat i've met,
Sumhow i was given a choice whether to stick or not wif this guy but i try to myself out of trouble
but sumhow, by juz talking to this guy pisses me off onli i saw the future 5minits me bashing tat jerk up.

Mayb i'm too sensitive? could be~
mayb his jokes sucks? Possibly~
my fault~ totally~

Well, I'll work on myself more, but sumhow seriously i wish i wont have to continue to stick to hang out tat guy. T~T
I've promise my daughter i wont do anything stupid.
So i'll juz let things slide for the mean while though until i find a proper way to deal wif him~

And then recently my daughter's friend's Ex; wow long name for him i'll call him Nutcase.
A little intro on kind of a guy nutcase is:
1. play boy
2. say somthing but can do it
3. nvr keeps to his word
4. Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good liar
5. his quite good wif his mouth but 90% is bullshit
---> example: he goes around telling the world on CNN he got 9As for Spm but in fact he onli took 8 subjects and his result barely pass the college requirement more like he was lacking a Credit

Well nutcase is sum1 i actually know. dint really like him, well even my daughter oso dun like him. Well nutcase has been posting some very stupid and selfish posts on his blog.
Tat really cause my daughter and her to get pissed off, i too am pissed off coz how can sumone like him write such a thing about ppl? He himself is one of the worst quality ppl i've ever known and there he is flaming ppl saying how sucky they are. Go kiss some bull shit la i'll give to him.
I feel like talking to him in person, and giving him a piece of my mind.
Why can ppl juz accept the fact tat no one is perfect and it is no one's fault a relationship ends?
When a relationship ends it onli mean tat you 2 are not meant for each other, or if the parting reason was sumthing else then plz consider that too. relationship is not sumthing based on one side, its sumthing tat u muz consider both side. Well i oso noe how to talk onli haha~
Even though my daughter wont allow me to do so, but hey~ no harm trying rite? haha~

I'm not the type to sit around and point fingers de. ACTION!!!
well as usual~ come with the wind go with the wind style~
And brothers and sisters~ ATTENTION!!!!

Case Close