Saturday, October 11, 2008

Japanese FOOD!!!! XD

japanese chocolate XD

ermm.. cup noodles~

juz some japanese cups~ looks kinda solid XD

Alot of msg punya snack ><
Melon Drink~

tasty green tea snack~ its in sticks but not like rocky de~ its basically green tea and chocolate~
Japanese noodles~
how the cup noodles looks like~

The doggie and panda shape ermm i dunno wat is it ><


Anonymous said...

so cute de the noodles >< got panda.hehes

Bamboo~ said...

haha~ esther wan sum?

Anonymous said...

erm..if i want u also finish d la.hahas.

Man Ching said...

~ei...can eat d a?
so cute neh!