Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In the forest where you were...

In the deep thick forest, there is a faint fragrance that is very dear
If I search through the everyday faces, surprisingly, I find that yours is smiling

When I reach out my hand to touch it,but even if I reach out my hand to you,
fleetingly, you disappeared into the sky

I've always wanted to see you and thinking of you always
Crossing the sleepless nights
While I cry, I try to embrace what's left of you in the midst of light and shadow

Hopelessly, I walk barefoot in the scorching sunset
While stepping on the ruins of a love that fades crimson
When I hold out my hand to touch it, I hear your voice

Right now the words "I love you" won't reach as the wind carries away my song
It disappears far far away
If I throw a hour glass in the high skies, I hear the sounds of that day resounding

Scenery that I can't touch again
Fades away slowly

"Don't disappear," that hand and that hair,
In the rapidly enlarging atmosphere and memories are over-piling.
The light and shadow that you left is just too large

Within the deep,deep forest...


Anonymous said...

poem?hahas.nice wor ^^

Man Ching said...

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