Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Its been awhile since i last post pai seh~

i've been having complains from my daughter about my blog been too dead

so here's a post~

Ermm i'll start wif the post which i delayed

the last few days of my form 4 life xD

Me,Ah bo and Brother Lynz~

Brothers~!!! Its been 4 years since we met and tis is the 1st picture we took together~

Sum time wif Ah Fung, Ah bo ,Chee wingz, Fish ball~

This was the last day

So rather than juz taking pictures whole wif friends

We decided to add sumthing extra special into our memories

ngek~ ngek~

And Yes half his body is in there~ We finally got him in there the 2nd time~

I know its kinda dirty but we check and make sure tat is was clean b4 we did tat to him~

we're not so heartless~


Man Ching said...

yer...so bad>.<
how he go inside ?

-shUuu said...