Saturday, December 13, 2008

Busy For dec~

My holiday started at the 1st of dec~
as brother aaron came over to my house~
which means going out late and going out whole day~ haha
Had alot of fun and used alot of money ><
the 1st day we had a BBQ at my place
all was good until my dog tried to bite my grand auntie's dog nose off
We went bowling and snooker the next day~
i really suck at bowling >< all kena longkang
And Bating on the 3rd day Kinda shuang hit the balls but very felt very tried after hitting it ><
Its kinda hard at 1st after u get the feel its very easy~
Sunway on the 4th day~ All the other dude lepas aeroplane - . -
expected it though~ AH ming~!!! keke leng zai leh~

Aaron~ haha~ all dun wan show face

At sunway