Monday, June 1, 2009

The way the wind blow

Had a great day yesterday
due to the 1u trip and futsal
was fun~
though i did went abit over board
by saying tat we're at mid valley and not 1u
coz the info i got was tat they were walking INSIDE 1u
and not in the parkin
so i said tat we're in midvalley
In fact they were in their car
and after hearing tehy left the parking and paid for the ticket = =
Nvr expected their reaction to be soooooo quick~
anyhow when i told them tat i was juz joking they got pissed (was expecting tat)
who won't be? = =
And yes when we met the flaming was expected
BUT not the pushing i mean flame means flame la wads wif the push here push ther?
but still tahan~ got ppl lookin~ dun wanna get mad over small things~
and so~ tat was the best part of the day~
After the futsal match
when i reach home and went online
to see tat i was written in their blog~
oo~ how sweet~
was about the prank i did~
lol giv a break la pussy over is over la wad u still wan me to do?
lick ur feet? i rather run u over wif my car if u ask for tat much
and in his blog was threaten by him saying wanted to kick my ass in public
i mean in 1u?
kick my ass?
u sure?
o wau~ go on tough guy~
juz make sure i'm unconcious or dead better be dead
i dunno wad will happen~
seriously man a guy acting like a long winded pussy = =

Note: Girls says tat they dun liked long winded guys

And so i decided to spice sumthings up
went and ermm kinda like comment about it in his blog
And their reaction was advicing me to eat chocolate ice-cream

ermm no thx dun feel like eating chicolate icecream after seeing tis picture~

Go eat urself bah~

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