Thursday, June 11, 2009

Changing Wind..

The mid term june holiday is coming to and end
And was silly of me to think tat everything would stay the way i was
yes things will remain unchanged for u but not the rest..
knowing this yet i still hope that i won't not change until the end of the year..

I knew tat things changed was when i met again with the wind
spreading the news of the rain that had change slow along with the others
and yes i was left behind once again..

This had me wondering after hearing the event that occur
what was i to them?
just a stone to step on i guess..
like once the Mountain did said never trust anyone other that yourself
which means dun have so many close friends
yet i dint take the advise
and look at myself now just another stone by the walk way

Looking at the way things move
i think its not to long till we're reach the cross road.
what will happen then?

The knifes that was hidden shall be shown,
Yet, no tears shall be sheard.

Withstood pain to create many laughter,
Yet, these hands shall hold nothing.

As the music play all shall gather,
Yet, there is a odd number.

Unknown to fame, nor known to shame...

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