Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year...

Today marks the beginning of the new year 2010
I've went for the count down at desa park city
And tat place was packed!!!
traffic jam is must during times like tis.

After i reach there wif Yuan
took us quite awhile to find a parking.
I tried to contact ah fung but of no valid though
thx to the lousy digi line
my credit was almost all used up.

When i reach there all i could see were ppl sitting everywhere
And sum kids running around wif snow spray
A waste of money i thought but then hey its fun
While walking around there, there were stalls all over the place selling food and etc
Ppl were packed at the center due to the Mc and the stage

The fireworks started before i could actually meet ah fung
coz tat place is seriously crowded!!!
The fireworks was nice too bad i dint take any pictures
The fireworks lasted for 10 minutes plus~
And after tat ppl started to go home~ DUH!
All i did there was wait around and try to find ah fung and the gang.

While walkin wif yuan and watching the fireworks wif her
I've notice tat what actually are we celebrating?
Welcoming of the new year?
Do you know what is install ahead of us?
I felt kinda stupid after noticing tat
I mean we're welcoming the end

Everyone looked so happy
Yet i dunno where is joy coming from
The storm is wad we're welcoming?

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