Sunday, December 27, 2009

A new beginning? The storm is coming..

Its already at the end of the year
everything was over in a blink of an eye
Spm, my school life, melaka holiday and my annual dinner
what value does my exprience holds?

Until now, the thing tat is in my mind is tat school will no longer be contactable
even if they are contactable it will not be like before
Therefore I will learn to live a solitary life again
To lead on others, other than my brothers in christ
I shall swallow everything myself.
I've lead on others before and it wasn't a wonderful feeling when they decide you are no longer useful.
Solitary life style is the best i do what i want And decide for myself
I'm leaving the past in the year.. I shall die this year
The new year I myself shall be new

What next year will be installed for me?
collage mayb?
but the storm is coming~
I hope ns wonder be a pain in the ass.
Collage would likely help me to cancel out NS
Hope so.. What has become of me?

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Man Ching said...

good wa~train u~bcum big big guy~:P