Monday, May 24, 2010

30th May 2010 No more reservation

Ever since I came back from camp,
I felt tat sumthing was missing, it wasn't a bad thing though tat was what i felt.
Probably, its bcoz i've been away for too long and it was misplace?
Or is it tat i left tat thing back at camp?
I never bothered trying to find it..
I guessed i was prepared to lose it.

I lost my heart to actually start a relationship or to improve in my love life.
it was a big deal to me before but sumhow none of these mattered anymore..
I used to be bothered by it..
So is it good tat i've lost tat kind of attitude?
Now all i wan to is juz to go wif the flow and follow through my college life.
Sumhow i think i'm not really prepared for these things..

So no more reservations ler~

Some pictures tat i've editted~

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