Friday, May 21, 2010

22nd May 2010 My journey ends here

In dorm~

A pictures of all the buddies i hang out with most of the time. All from company Bravo and alpha.

HOw my camp looks like

I"m back
Was a very fun and learning exprience for me in nasional service.
But i thank god for giving me a chance to learn
I've made alot of new friends, seen alot of new people
And how to deal wif different people.
WAs a very sad day when i left the camp.
Seeing off my friends and hugging them b4 i departed
Going back home to me dint really matter anymore
since there is onli about another 3 weeks b4 everything really ends
And i wont be able to return there anymore...
But on the other hand its good to be back.
To see my family members and to know how are they doin~
Once in awhile reminisce of my life in ns will float my mind.
Miss my friends in the camp
And really would like to lend my hand to them if anything happens
Well i'll try to help them in anyway i can from here.
After all of this i'll be starting my college life soon
VEry soon~
Well i will be seeing sum of my fellow camp mates in the same college though~
Anyway Juz do my best~

1 comment:

Man Ching said...

terbakar punya fishball!!
finally u back!
i miss u!!!!

u oni miss ur camp d fren la...
forget here d fren jor ke?