Wednesday, June 16, 2010

18th June 2010 The long dream

Its been almost a week after i went back to camp segari for the closing of siri7 kumpulan 2

On the 10 june 2010, i picked up Pei Xuan and Bl from kepong ktm station and started our journey to bidor 1st~

Awesome journey we were laughing and chating the whole and even singing at some point.

After we've reach bidor, we met Ah pan's parents and took off to ipoh after tat.

We had our lunch at ipoh white coffee~ Soon after tat we went to pick up Ah pan from his hostel.

I overshot his hostel but then sumhow his dad saw me and came after me..

kinda scary as if he followed us and knew our position. But no worries their awesome ppl~

it was a straight road to camp but then i stopped at giant to buy treats for my brothers at camp

When we reach camp, Pei Xuan was really excited till almost started screaming haha~

Can understand why though~ I was excited too, I've really missed my brothers in camp.
When i finally got to see them haha~ I felt the blood rush~ miss them so much~

Mayb it wasn't really on my face tat day but i was very happy to be able to see them all~

Until at night after dinner, We all went to the kolam to have our last swimming class together~ And we brought coke along~ we dump all 12 cans of coke and 2 cans of 100plus and everyone got one can we started to shake the can and we open the can together and bath ourselves in coke~ haha~ 1st time doin such thing~ but it was fun though~ and while we're having fun half Kj had to annnouce to meet us.. party pooper~

After tat the night session was every companies last performance.

After tat was the sharing of the prize we got~ haha~ company bravo got no1 for overall!!!

haha~ Awesome night~ we starting taking pictures wif everyone~ until we were chased back to our dorm. But it was ok~ we had fun ever back dorm~

12th june 2010 The rain of departure

Everyone was getting emotional about leaving each others and we're still taking photos together

for the memories in our own memory collection..

Pei Xuan cried until her eyes were so red it look kinda scary though, she can scared anybody de la~ haha~ I dint cried until the last part where daren was about to board the bus...

The rush of tears suddenly came kinda heart breaking see them leaving one by one though tat bus window..

But until the End i still belive we'll meet again... Someday somehow~

What are our chances? haha~

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