Monday, July 5, 2010

5th July 2010 Wake up wake up!!!

Today was the deadline for my E&E assignment which consist of 6 questions
3 require multisim to completed.
The days b4 today i knew i muz do my assignment but sumhow i dint get tat " ernest this is serious isuue faster finish it before its too late" feeling. So i took my time and still continue to mess around almost everyday.

It was until today when i actually started to rush to complete the assignment very rush and copying my friend's answer sumhow dint feel very good, it wasn't good at all it sucked hard but i had no choice i juz copied. It saw the lecturer's face i knew he was dead serious and sumhow i felt like i juz woke up to say tat shit wad had i've been doing? I sat down back at my seat listening to my headphones slowly slowly realize that i've juz made myself into a fool...

What was i doing? Am i still dreaming? I know my heart is left back at camp but i'm really clueless now..

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