Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25th August 2010 Once upon a time

Today marks the beginning of my finals,
I was barely able to wake up this morning to make it for the 1st paper.
Due to my disturbing ceiling fan making noises that kept me awake for almost the whole night.
I dragged myself up knowing that today is a big day somehow it feels like something big is happening. While driving to college i was trying hard to remember whatever I've studied yesterday, its a lousy subject which I guess probably no one likes it but everyone has to take this subject. Hubungan etnik cant the government make us waste our brain cells on another subject that has some sense of future in it?
Overall the exam was quite okay. Dint really have any big problems with the questions thank God for that even though I only studied less 3 hours.

As promised I met up with Fly to go for a meal at McD, I 1st thought of eating some where near tawakal hospital there cause I'm a bit fed up with the place we usually eat.
Ate quite a bit, some how my capacity has greatly reduced, what's wrong with me?
Its really not like me to fill full so easily. Don't really know why and is it a good thing or a bad thing, probably going to a buffet its really a good choice anymore.

case closed 25/8/2010

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