Sunday, August 15, 2010

16th August 2010 I'm back

Recently, i was having quite a tough time trying to catch up wif my college work
sumhow, it wasn't as easy as i thought it was.
And i'm starting to lose interest in my course which isn't sumthing good.

Yesterday fiona, wei wei, raymond, issac, joel, samuel, and yuh yang decided to celebrate gracy's bday~
And i tagged along too, it was fun fooling around wif them~ luaghing wif them doing stupid things oso la
I was really hyper~ It was really a nice trip~ i hope gracy had a nice bday too~

Today right after lunch wif aaron's family,
i received a call from Lim asking me whether or not to hang out wif pei pei and her in midvalley~
well i said yes and went out wif them~ Was fun hanging out wif the and i really missed them alot too.
Pei Pei as usual was cheerful juz like her and lim was oso the same old cool looking lim~
Really miss them~
Walk around looking at clothes most of the time~ Took a few photos wif them too~
Well it was juz us only though, but we had fun la~ And sumhow gracy spotted me wif them = =

After all of these outings i've finally notice and more like remembered tat i muz work hard some how~
Pei pei is doing her best in college handing up assignments day after day and having 2 hours sleep everyday.
while Lim is struggling wif her form 6 exams too, I know its not easy, but they can be and they here~ wif me today~
Still the same them smiling and laughing together wif me. And i look back at myself...
i look pathetic!!! What da HECK was wrong wif me?
I'm really motivated to study and charge ahead. Thanks guys i owe u 1~
Some their words oso encourage me.
I will do my best!!

Somehow i really appreciate this outings~
I nearly lost my heart again...
Thanks for reminding me again.
u all are my motivation!!!

Case Closed 16/8/2010

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