Friday, December 24, 2010

24th December 2010 Wishing Everyone a Blessed Christmas

Me ,Dinesh and Mile we're from the swimming club~ awesome swimmers they are and awesome water polo players too.
My nasional Service brothers Kenny And Jacky~ dun mind the pose its to show our brotherly love~ :D
Me,Daren And Kenny~ Daren the joker~ haha~ his a even bigger joker than me~ somehow my jokes dont really stand out when i'm wif them~ coz they're epic~
My college mates Alex and Chanchai~ We had been helping each other out since last sem~ awesome people to be with.
Edwin(dai lou), Me and chanchai~ we took this when we was about to finish our robotic arm~ Epic buddies~ haha~

A blessed Christmas to all my friends~
well its been awhile since i last updated my blog~
Alot had happened and i was abit lazy to find the time to update it~
anyhow i have the to mood to update it so here it is~

the above pictures are juz about wad happened during the previous months~
Since i joined the swimming club i've got dark really quickly almost darker than when i was in nasional service.

I recently juz had a gathering wif my nasional service brothers and sisters~ it was an awesome time out wif them. was hyper super hyper when i'm wif them, somehow i feel more at easy when i'm will them makes me feel like ya this is where is missed the most. And they are my motivation for me to push myself~ i really love them~ haha~ even though they dun really noe how much i appreciate them but hey~ my dad once told me:
What the right does, the left hand should not know~
so i dont mind~ anyway some things are best to be hidden and taken to the grave wif me~ :D

24.12.2010 case closed

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