Friday, December 31, 2010

31th Decemeber 2010 The Closing of the year of begins

The Ending of my year of begins~
A list To wrap up wad happened this year~:
  1. My 1st time working as kindergarten teacher
  2. My 1st time going to national service(and oso my last time~)
  3. My 1st time entering College
  4. My 1st time college examination
  5. My 1st time Doing homework
  6. My1st time winning a gold medal for life-toll swimming
  7. My 1st time wearing jeans
  8. My 1st time burning lab equipments just the fuse though~
  9. My 1st time Doing revision before exams
  10. My 1st time building a robot
  11. My 1st time Dying my hair
  12. My 1st time Cutting my hair bald
  13. My 1st time Playing water polo
  14. My 1st time being Ernest..
It was a Fun 2010 and year of begins
And juz before coming to a close~
My long Lost brothers and Sisters was found on facebook~

I had always searched for them online and was really hoping tat one day i would be able to come in contact wif them, Even though i used to be the nerd who always got his ass kicked in class, but i still do have some good memories about my past~ It was then when i really knew about the meaning of friends. When i was in Ipoh a lot of unpleasant things happen but my best friend really did stood by my side, they never left me not once!

That's why i really wanted to meet them again if i can, I'm planning a trip back to Ipoh to meet them. And even though i still haven seen tat certain someone which i wan to see how tat someone would look like now and how much tat someone had change but I'm hoping i can find that certain someone in some of my lost brothers and sisters picture. I owe that certain someone a lot for being my strength when i 1st came to kl.

My brother Ng Wen Bin One of the best friends you'll only come across over a 100 hundred years. It has been 6 years since i lost contact wif them and finally i found them~ I was really happy that i could seriously jump over the moon, i had never been so happy ever in my whole life~ No word can express how happy i am now.

Now whats left is the beginning of 2011 and the year of Challenges
To start things off My finals begins on the 6th of January~
And that's the 1st boulder I've have to overcome.

31/12/2010 Case Closed

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