Monday, February 28, 2011

1st March 2011 That familiar Stranger

Although this happened quite sometime ago but i said i'll blog it for the sake of my self reflection and learning.

There was this time where i felt that the people around me are very plastic even though i try hard to blend into their style and interests, and one of the few was the 3 BISHOPS, their acting and talking are just so plastic and just talking to them i feel stress because their words are giving all sorts of sharp objects and meaning which make me feel like a stranger to all my friends.

Actually during one point i was noting down almost everything they say and kept quiet to watch and see. Honestly i don't like this feeling, its like everyone i was knew were plastic people and i was just a FAMILIAR STRANGER that's always sticking around them. I'm really sick of all the fake smile i give them and tired from all their indirect talking. this was one of the reason i choose to gave up our yum cha session and find something to fill in my time. honestly out of the 3 there is one that is just too fake to me, he pops out from no where and kicks me out.I'm Fed up~

Anyhow i'll just walk my way as the title i'm given and slowly walking out of this friendship which i once was interested in. Anyway sound so stupid for me to be saying this but i'll just say it~ forgive me~ i'm just starting to be the familiar stranger that you all wanted so much and don't blame if i don't give a shit about you problems.
There just so many things going through my mind at one time and other time my mind is blank.
How i wish i can have a thoughts eater to eat up all my thoughts and just let me forget everything.

Damn by just writing this also spoil my mood~

Sound stupid yet this is just for my self reflection and learning purpose~

1/3/11 case closed

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