Thursday, March 24, 2011

24th March 2011 Target lost

Been a bit out of the mood recently,
not being very motivated to move or to go the extra mile.
usually when i'm in this condition i'll always look at the picture sitting on my desk.
but that picture is the thing that is bothering me now.
In that picture is my target, my motivation to go the extra mile.
but now its gone, taken by someone else...
I feel very lost because i dunno what to do now, i've lost my colors and direction
i've always aim at that target no matter what i do, it happened so suddenly.

it was as though something has cracked inside of my,
the sharp pain going through my heart every time i am remind of that dream.
I wish for the best and yet there is still this bitter feeling inside of me.
of all time this happen, just right before my finals...

I wont just give up so easily, even though I've lost my way.
Cause I believe in the tomorrow that my God bless me.
But i'm sure i'll get back up, i don't care if i have to start from square one.
As long as there is still a tomorrow, i and still change things.
Or even things may seems unchangeable,
i'll just have to give myself a good smacking until i wake up.
I've just lost my way in this race,
but if i just continue running i might just be able to reach the end.
I just time a little time to get back on my feet,
and this recovery time will show how much i have grow.

P.S: What unpleasant things that is written in this blog stays in this blog
25/3/11 case closed

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