Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time to update~

Its been awhile~
was planning to update after getting all the picture taken during the camp in taman negara
well i cant wait for it anymore~
too much xD

Had a wonderful exprience in camp
although i went wif a injured knee
But it was fun~
Would be better if the teacher are much more spoting
compared to the fat zulaili showin off her small gasness
and spoil our mood and atmosphere

After the camp was sum unexpected things tat took the whole skul to shock~

And After tat was Canteen Day~

was planning to open a store

but after hearing i'll nid to pay rm150 to rent a space

and i'll nid to pay 70% profit to the skul

I quited = =


coyweng said...

lol yah =( screw the teachers

Bamboo~ said...

screw them hard!!!