Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm back

Its been awhile since i last updated
anyway here's a update
i juz came back from malacca
Awesome trip wif the guys
My whole back was burned
its was a 3days 2 nights trip~
both awesome in fun and teachings
I've not had so much fun b4~
thx guys~

During this trip i've saw sum true colours of ppl
And how Lust can control sum1 so deeply
kinda disgusted at time
But oso abit pissed off
But i'm not the type of guy to slap ppl in the face
So i'll juz hide in my own later corner and take it out myself later

During tis trip i've oso notice tat there is another definition of pain
one wont know until one goes through it
every now and then arrow were hitting me
i really feel like i was shot
I cant really help it though I told myself to kill jealousy
But it always won.. Tats why i'm so weak
A mere nobody can never fight against a Champion
And last time i used to think tat i'm kinda strong
but in fact, wad do i have?
wad do i have tat others dont hav?
I lost bcoz i dun hav money, i lack the knowledge
i lack wisdom..

A nobody should not expect anything..
A nobody has no rights..
All i can do through out tis whole journey was to try my best to smile infront of...
To put on a mask..
Through out the whole journey i had totally forgotten the wind tat i used to love so much..
Have i start to return to the old self?
To love blaze more than the wind?
Haha an untasteful joke..

I'm so sorry

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