Friday, December 18, 2009

Sad story

There was a boy
ever since his failure of his 2nd love life
he made a vow to himself not to after in love until he finish his study
but he met a girl
A very bright girl, which was very playful,
she wasn't the most beautiful person in school but,
she was a very fun person and everyone like her.
And without knowing he started to like her.
But in order to keep to his promise
he force himself to go throug hell, to hide his feelings
And there were time where a chance was given to him
but bcoz of his promise to himself, he gave up the chance
which really was torturing himself.
But all he could do was to suffer in slience.
Some ppl knows tat he like her but he denies it all bcoz of the vow
And there were time he had to look into her eyes and lie..
its wasn't fun at all, it was a very painful exprience.
Yet he hide every thing from even his closest friend.
There was no one from him to tell,
His heart had 2 wolves
one black and one white.
in order to keep to his vow he refuse to feed the black wolf
But he kept feeding the white wolf and always look to the white wolf
for comfort.
He kept on living like tis, until one his best friend told him tat he was dating her
His heart was smashed to pieces. Its wasn't her fault and wasn't his friend's fault
it was his own to be blame.. he was like biting himself.. juz bcoz of tat vow.
Was tat vow worth keeping? he never felt tat depress b4..
the most painful part was when the girl came to him for help in her relationship wif his best friend. He had no choice but to put on a mask, to hide his pitiful and ugly face away.
no one knows the agony tat he was facing. Everytime he hears her voice his heart melt.
And he wasn't able to refuse any request tat she ask of him. Silly huh?
until one day when she broke up wif his best friend..
The boy was happy at sum point yet sad for the girl tat she had to suffer a heartache
He tried his best to comfort her and help her clear her mind.
Unknowingly he started to like the girl more..
During tat time more chances were given to him but It wasn't taken by him bcoz of the vow
How he hoped tat he dint made tat vow..
Until when his studies were over. He was happy tat he kept his vow
And he was hoping tat she would be still there..
When he Pumped Up all his Valor to tell her how much he like her
But of no valid. He wasn't good and expressing himself
And she said she only had a little feelings for him..
And she oso said tat the time wasn't rite.
She would be leaving for her continuation of her studies out station
in another 3 months time. The boy was deeply hurt but he tried his best to be by her side as long as possible.. but he din't know tat wad was there waiting for him was pain, agony and despair.
He was really lost when he saw the quality of her friends.
he was in no position to fight her friends even though he knew tat they already had girl friends
But they juz kept hanging onto her like glue, he understand as they were very close to her and had spent 5 years studing together therefore he tired his best.
He was a nobody..he could not even let her ride on his bike as he was too weak to balance both of them, compared to her friends which did a better job than him, it was agony tat strike him contiunously but he couldn't let her not tat he was suffering all he hoped was tat he would be able to help her at anything but he had nothing to offer her.
she gave more attention to her friends; of coz since he had nth to offer her.
All He had was a rubber bracelet.
He tried to offer it to her b4 he departed but he was rejected..
Common sense who would wan a rubber bracelet compare to sumthing of much higher value
like handphone or gold bracelet. he doesn't have tat money..
He really regreted feeding the white wolf so much, But it was at the climax tat the black wolf started to hate the white wolf out of jealousy....
The boy was eaten by jealousy not matter how he tried to fight the insanity of jealousy
He was lost in the shadows of the black wolf as the white wolf was completely eaten by the black wolf. he thought of ways how to express to her for the very last time.
Chance wasn't given.. Wad he had was juz memories of his painful past.
He tried to avoid the girl as much as he could but when ever he hear her voice his heart stopped
Its was like the white wolf was still alive and it was the white wolf's heart beat tat was telling him to fight jealousy. Whenever he saw her smile his heart raced but there was nth he could do.
Until the end he sat quietly at a dark corner hiding his face away from her and whistling a painful song, hoping tat there would be a chance again for his revival.
But the girl already forgotten about him as he was a nobody...
All he had were scars of the past... how he wished tat he dint made tat vow.
So Should we be keeping our promises?
Or should we not keep them?
If we keep them ur words and trustful and it holds value but may end up like tis boy
If we don't keep our promise ur words are untrustful and it holds no value to the ppl listening it
But we may not end up like tis boy.
And he might had a much better ending...
I will kill jealousy and I will kill lust once and for all..

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