Friday, April 9, 2010

11 april 2010 Departure

Just got my comfirmation of going ns tis tuesday.
Well i'll be goin to perak, my home town i hope ipoh still welcome me..
Ipoh was the place of mistakes and learning.
I've made plenty of mistakes and most of it had help to made the person i am today.

I'll be leaving for ipoh tomorrow, and i'll begin my national service on sunday.
I hope i'll make used of time properly while i'm inside there serving.
There pros and cons to this national service from where i see it.
I gave up my children for this, so tat i can get it over with asap.
whats waiting on the other side after i walk out of my national service?

Simple, my nai ma and gang will be there coz we're goin sungkai.
next, ah fung and eng keat will be greeting me wif a smile ( my dear brothers)
next, aaron wong will be exchange blows wif me in court.
lastly, i'll collect my ring.. if you are still reading this then please be prepared for my return
coz i wan back my brother;y ring tat i entrusted to you. Its my time of growth.

Forgive me if i speak too arrogantly
But this is juz another episode of me..
I'm out~ xD
Laugh and grow FAT!! haha~


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