Wednesday, April 28, 2010

28th april 2010 I'm back

This is the gang tat i hang out wif from the left is wai sing, me, amir and Ah boon
From the left Ah boon, vilmaren and me
Vilmaren is almost 70% chinese coz of his attitude

From the left me, nick, ken, i cant remember his name = = and then theres mai

From the left Ah Pent, me, daren. yap and teng chung

I'm Back from Ns
But its onli for 5 days den i'll be on my way back to the camp.
Its not long but it good enuff for me to catch wif sum friends and family members.
What have i been doin in NS?
not much exercise day and nite so tat i can keep my promise.
chatting on the phone when i have the chance and going hyper wif the gang.
We're a very rowdy bunch but we have our qualities~
Had Been swimming in the kolam for quite a few days b4 we came back~
All in all i thank god for this chance to be able to go for NS
And I'm really enjoying my stay in Ns
I promised myself to take every chance tat presents itself in front of me.
But sumhow i dun think i'm doin my part..
Juz another episode of me reflecting on the things i've done.


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Man Ching said...

u reli so black le..