Friday, April 30, 2010

1st May 2010 Back to camp

I'm leaving for ipoh as soon as i finish this post,
I bought the 3pm train so i should reach ipoh around 6pm
Its a long journey but i think i can adapt to it.
Its my journey after all.

There is a whole list of things i must compete b4 my return.
  1. Slim down
  2. at least 4 pax
  3. a person tat is able to adapt to any situation
  4. exit my limits in both physical and mental
  5. come back home in one piece
Tat should be all i guess these are the main thing i wan to compete.
And to be a much more understand person and patience is wad i really wan.
I thank you all my friends for caring for me and went out to yum cha wif me
Don't worry though Ns is not as tough as u think~
I will be back~!!!
I wont do anything stupid b4 competing my promises.

The Ns gang~ They are there i know it

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