Thursday, October 6, 2011

7th October 2011 Melt!

if i were to say I'm very busy recently i would be lying,
if i were to say I'm damn free its also another lie bah~
its been kinda tiring for me lately, was busy with the long report which requires my groups to write about 2k words de report. The training that i have with Edwin to prepare ourselves for the 21km run this 15th October and the Business team for our event..
ain't a walk in a park huh? what to i expect wei~ if it was that easy then this world would start to lose its colors~

The 21km run I'm really looking forward to it! its another journey to conquer myself,
it really isn't much of a achievement compared to other, i realize how pathetic i am for all my achievement in the past are like filthy rags compare to others, like Dorcas and Matthew both of the are just to awesome =3=
at least they achieve something worth bragging about yet they dun really brag about it, yet i myself achieved nothing but shit in my high school, therefore I'm trying to chase up if possible step by step bah.

About a week ago i had this really sharp pain on my right chest, as though there's a pole stuck right through my chest, the 1st day i was still quite ok, trying my best to act normally, despite the pain. the 2nd day was as though there was this giant invisible clamp clamping my right chest! the pain was so painful i couldn't even walk properly and i was having breathing difficulties, i really struggle even to get to college and at times the thought "is this the end of the line for me?" crossed my mind. i cant possibly tell my parents about this coz they'll blame my work and this event for it, so I'll just have to deal with it, The worst thing was that day i had a meeting with crew! and yes she was there! i cant possibly show her the weaken side of me bah! i was trying my very best to act the way i normally do during a meeting and coughing at the most minimum. ugh~ after that i was feeling quite ok after a few days~ was feeling even better after a 11km run with Edwin~ damn tat really hit the spot~ though the it was very painful when i run and a few times i nearly crashed into the road but i managed to pull through! thank God!

The business team is really tiring waiting and waiting and going hunting almost 2 times a week, having to send mails and make calls, well i asked for it~ haha dun worry I'm having fun keeping myself busy as i must do my best to help this event! OSU!

Right after meeting today, i had dinner with Sam, Simon and Raymond~ we went to ampang Korean town~ the food was awesome~ the price still considerable la~ went and bought myself a packet of melons sweets~ which are very awesome too mind you I'm very crazy about melon favoured food!~ one thing i find it every funny is that almost the whole swc knows that I'm chasing her, damn where do they get their info from? though i cant blame them almost anyone who talk to wesha about me would know it bah =3= ugh though Raymond and Sam can really keep it to themselves~ i don't mind but then its her that cause me to mind bah! coz from my point of view is that "i like this special someone and I'm not afraid to let the world know it!" but for her it maybe that "Damn this loser likes me and if the world were to know about it who knows what it'll do to my reputation?" haha~ they were drank soju while as who i am i dun drink at all~ yes boring guy but hey! i dun care its in my policy that i dun drink despite the condition and situation~ mind u have damn lot of funny policy which i will not break under any circumstances. haha~ maybe that's one of the thing that make me a boring guy mah? ugh~ i believe the world has alot more things to do other than drinking, smoking, clubbing and blah blah~ to get drunk is a way of escaping the truth for just that  few hours and you'll be facing it again after that so whats the point? though i know that most of my friends drink for fun~ but hey! i can be fun even without drinking~ haha~ anyway the Korean restaurant  was nice~ maybe I'll bring her there one day? will continue to dream about it until the chance come bah...

Actually i wanted to ask her to join us for dinner de, but then before i could end my meeting with the juniors and business team, she went home with lemon, and yes got teased by Raymond and lemon =3= ugh~ as if she doesn't understand pulak~ haha~ anyway the chance just slip pass me again haiz~ wait for another chance bah~

Right after dinner on our way back to college after sending Simon home~ while i drove near the hostel gate to drop Sam and Raymond~ hor hor!!! something really unexpected happened! a wira suddenly came from behind and park right in fornt of my car~ and the back door of the wira opened! and a head suddenly popped out! At 1st i thought it was her! but den i thought nahhh impossible la i must be thinking of her too much~ i asked Sam and Raymond again who was it? Sam and Raymond confirm it was her! i literally jumped out of my seat! she was smiling and waving! SOOO CUTEEEE!!!! my goodness my heart instantly melted on the spot~ though i wasn't sure at all who she was smiling at, as u know my eyesight aren't as good as they used to be. most probably she was smiling to Sam bah~ but dun care la! its like for the 1st time she acknowledge my existence after everything that happened bah? during meetings she'll usually be doing her stuff on her lappy and smiling at some point in front of her lappy  which makes me very curious what she's reading or watching~ and she'll try her utters most best to not look my way despite me talking the loudest~ its understandable though why she's doing it la~ but it hurts it really hurts. But for awhile just now! its as if she acknowledge my existence! lol! i really sound stupid, really stupid! but i cant help it bah~ i really felt that way~ and for the whole journey back home i cant stop myself from smiling wei! overkill! really melted~ haha~ this will be the fuel to keep me going to do my best bah! it was really really unexpected and it really made my day~ haha~

really wanna tell her hwo i feel about her~ but ermm she doesn't like chessy messages bah~ so might as well drop it bah~ haha~

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