Tuesday, September 27, 2011

26th September 2011 Oh time~

I've started college~ as usually everyone slacking coz its the 1st week~ though i told myself not to slack this sem and should pick up as much as possible~
in this sem i have 6 subjects while she have about 4 subjects including one full partical~ jia you bah! would help in anyway i can!
this week was kinda different from the previous college weeks i had~ had a squash session with wendi and her on Monday~ though i dint really played with her but got to see and talked a bit, seriously just a bit only~ but was good enough to make my day :P

 Have to stand strong for the coming year, for there will be no more breaks for me.

When i saw her on Monday she dint tie her hair, was let down very neat and looks very straight~ she dye-ed her hair merun red~ haha~ dint know whether is it a coincident that i actually was planning to dye that color too~ soon la~ but since she did, mayb i'll go for copper red as dorcas suggested bah~ anyway she was dressed in her common clothes bah~ a slightly less fitting shirt, shorts and her nikes shoes~ doesn't look very sports wear though but i guess its just her style bah~ that's one of the things i like about her,very simple yet so pretty~ anyway she's not very into sports de type lai de~ while that day i was dressed up like a cow =3= with my black and white pants and shirt~ and i wore a hairband... ugh sarky! but i did coz was playing squash bah.. anyway i got nothing to hide la i think~ after squash i went straight for swimming~ though i thought could have lunch with them de but they ate 1st b4 they replied me so its ok bah~ my bad for not asking them directly~ could be kinda awkward though~ haha~was very worried whether she had an umbrella with her or not though, coz the weather this month was kinda rainy and hot at times! for me i'm ok coz i got the solution how to deal with this kinda weather so it doesn't really affect me but as for them this weather can really bring sickness and illness. now if she would to get sick that would be bad right? haha~ anyway they had an umbrella bah~ later in the evening went jogging with edwin, we jogged 3km in the gym and about 8 km outside the gym, still unable to reach our targetted speed yet!

 Gotta keep on running and keep on training until i reach that speed

had a meeting with the thriller crew! though I'm the only SOT guy there and yes she wasn't there~ at 1st i thought she settled everything and ciao dy coz i went in late due to my classes~ had a meeting and brief the juniors wad to do, though i myself am not very sure of what I'm doing at times but I'm trying to get them to have an idea of what we'll dealing with and what to expect. i told them that " the business team is the bone of the event, we're important and if we dun do our job properly, others cant do their jobs properly too! but as the bone of the event people will onli see the flesh, so be prepared too be invisible and dun complain." coz alot of people have the wrong idea of getting popular by being in the business team~ yes catchy name but we really need to get the job done de! bah mayb its because i'm the type that doesn't really stand out so this job is kinda perfect for me la~ haha~ i dun mind the credit being given to others, as long as they dun step on my tail~ After that eveline, wesha and I went to pavilion to chill~ ate snowflake, mochi and macaron! the peach mochi was very AWESOME! wonder whether she likes it or not? hmm~ mayb one day i da bao for her bah~ around 3pm had a meeting with the SAD members! wow the bullets flew all at sam and me, we tried our best to block most of them! event was approved but just need to change the name only! haha~
the SAD members kept telling us about ghost and spirits ugh! as if i believe? i only just listen only la~ i cant be bothered about these things coz I've know the truth behind all of these~ so why bother? haha~
THAT NIGHT! SHE FB PM-ED ME!!!!!! i jumped out from my seat, shocked! she wanted to ask about the cupcakes we saw in desa park city, i offered her a ride! and yes she said YES!!!! i went to sleep happily that night~ :P there were a few point of view about this situation. but i dint really bother bah. i jus happy she said yes! haha~


I went out with raymond, wesha and Sam to meet up with chun kit, and jonny~ we went its all because wesha wanted to tried the gongcha! haha~ wonder whether did "she" tried gongcha b4? if i have the chance maybe i could bring her here to try? but after thinking the gardens is so near her house la! dunno la IF is a good word! haha~ Was seriously laughing all the way to the gardens and back la~ really fun to hang out with these guys~ :D had gongcha oso~ though they kept giving me their left over milk green tea to drink until i was so full! haha~ nice though~ while going out with them i really wish she was with us.. maybe its because we dint invite her? we did try to call her a few times, bah dint pick up neither did she sms to ask wads up... cant be  help bah aku face problem haha~

The faithful day arrives! Its the day where i'm suppose to go to desa park city with her~ ironic isn't it? the 1st time i went out alone with her was to desa park city~ haha~ she might not remember it but its important tome at least. Anyway the 1st thing in the morning i asked her where to meet~ and to my surprised wendi was coming along too~ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no longer just us alone dy like this~ haha~ understandable la~ but its good oso la~ i scared i jammed and there is a silent period jiu not good lor, at least with wendi she wont feel so awkward oso bah i think? and i have the chance to understand the conversation she's interested in or the type of conversation that can interest her~

I brought them to kepong McD for lunch~ though i wanted to bring them to other place but then the nice dining areas dun open until 6pm so i wasn't given much choice.. de pastry was one of the choice but then they dint wan to eat so no point bringing them there, it'll show them tat I'm the rich type and always eat expensive areas which i am seriously not rich at all. bah just a precaution only la~ when we reach McD i was still very quiet i dint know how to blend in seriously... my mind was overheating trying to figure out sumthing to say and a topic to talk bah... panic-ed gao gao! i should had treated them to the french fries but!!!! ZZZZ lost the chance =3= and on my way up the stairs hor hor! my steady brother appeared in front of me! LYN LYN APPEARED!!!! DAMN I WAS SO HAPPY I SAW HIM THERE! AT LEAST HE COULD GIVE ME SOME POINTERS!!! and yes he did! damn i was just so happy at least sumone i knew was there to help me un-panic~

After tat we went to desa park city~ ugh tat period was the best i think? i was very focus on the business stuff so act freaking smooth wei! lol though i notice most of the time when I'm talking to her face to face, i was daydreaming =3= she just look SO CUTE!!! and her eyes were so captivating, my mind really went blank literally... her hair was literally glowing under the sun looks nice on her, though she has little bit of pimple on he forehead but she's still so cute! just completely blew me away~ after that i notice i was unusually quiet again =3= sad i just dunno why so diam... ugh! i'll really need to slap myself hard if this happens again.

On the way back to college was the worst was REALLY REALLY DISAPPOINTED OF MYSELF!!! there was a few minutes of silence in the car, was guessing wendi was also tired bah... i had no choice but to use the last resort i prepared for safety measures, was to use the music. I prepared a number of songs that she likes~ wasn't easy though =3= spent almost the whole Tuesday and Wednesday night to come out withthe list.yes i was very desperate to kill the silent in the car. i drove as fast as i could to shorter the silent period, though i usually dun drive like this and was speeding at sum parts... haiz fail la aku.. i'm sure she wont be happy to know it too? coz i wasn't acting like myself which she doesn't like i think...

Was really really really disappointed with myself la, so hard baru i dapat this chance again... den i acted like this pulak haiz~ and there were a few times i knew she was trying her best to break the ice too.. she asked about my results too~ ARGHGHGGHGH NOOB LA YOU ERNEST!!! i wrote on facebook
"facepalm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and it triggered a
just dont show f.face to me, and behave yourself as you should, and you knw. i believe.
Ouch dei! seriously ouch!!!! though i think i really deserve it de lor... for being such an asshole! Later that night, after i slept and woke up, she posted saying she wants to cry and sum other thing in Japanese which i dint really understand.. i quickly pm-ed and her called her! lol to my amaze she answered for the 1st time this few months! coz previously i tried to call her but no answer~ but i think she picked up is because she forget to turn it in silent mode bah~ good for me though! haha~ but she said she was ok la, i seriously doubt it.. she dint really wan to share it so i'm guessing its sumthing very private? bah bah~ anyway there's her crush de things to consider oso... i dint really want to think about it, coz to know that she has a crush was a huge blow to me dy and if i were to think more I'm heading back to my emo state which i dun wan to! but there's just how i left things so far bah... would really like to help her in the F&B side, and the only way i can help to relax abit is to find more sponsors so that she can have a bigger budget, so less work for her!
So i must do my best to hunt sponsors, for her sake and the event sake bah..


was just another normal Friday bah~ though i went for swim with Edwin in the morning :D, though i know she'll be going to the Arthur's day thingy~ hope she had fun bah~

Went sponsor hunting with sam and wesha, went alot of places and alot costumes to see wei~ most of them looks very simple and can be handmade seriously! met 2 SAD officers too~ they were looking for costumes for the mid Autumn festival~ haha~ once again had a awesome day out with them la~ so brother la! and i dicovered a pet known as marimo ball which looks very simple yet nice leh! its basically a ball of algea but looks nice leh~ and not cheap oso coz its rare rm60 for about 7cm radius =3= ouch nyeh!

As thing are looking, as usual just give it my all bah, i running out of time.. will have to push myself through the break through point, until that day comes i'll just have to proceed with the things i'm facing now, just dun regret for not doing anything.. RUN! haha~ ironic isn't i told my friend to stop running and here i am trying to take on the world alone.. bah~ i dun have time anymore... wil just have to DEAL with it! OSU!

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