Monday, April 27, 2009

Cant help but think..

Ever since i've learnt how to drive although things should be closer to me as i should be able to reach by myself..
but there is a even large distance between friends.
Is it my fault?
do think mayb yes though..
bcoz of my stubornness and rude attitude i guess..
Or is it the problem of me putting a mask on?

Today while driving the sky started to get dark and it start to drizzle
i cant stop thinking about the days during ipoh..
how i walk in the rain, knowing tat was my bitter past.
yet it help to made me the Me i am today..

during class today while waiting for the teacher to enter the bio class.
I sat alone today not tat i dun get along wif ppl, juz tat the ppl i got along is missing today.
while sitting there without anyone noticing my presence; i dun wan to be a sumbody in tat area.
i over heard the conversation of the girls sitting behind me,
about sum guy cheating on a friend of her's..
which reminded me of my ex
she was sweet at 1st and i stood up for her whenever lyn and ah bo bad mouth her.
But the fact was she was really wad they said. feelin so dumb been played.
after tat case i was made slience, nvr did dare to show my true colours..
at least i try not to get emo in skul or crowded areas.
Need not ppl to know so much..

This word always strike my mind "Stand ur own ground no one is going to catch u when u fall"
trying to keep tat in mind coz i know i do sum close friends tat will be ther for me
But soon ther will be a day we'll walk our own path.
a line will be drawn on tat day..

At least would try to enjoy myself for now

drifting away~

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