Sunday, April 19, 2009

Revival time!!!

Its been really a long time probably 4 months
finally i had the nerve to revive my blog
long story short bah~
sumhow after visting my daughter's blog i felt like updating my blog too
haven really been myself ever since the whole choir thing started
and ermm sumhow i lost my cool tat day ><
sorry guys dint mean it.
have been going out wif friend quite often lately ><
muz draw a line soon, yeah i know tat..
looking forward to see how tis year's class photo will come out to be
after all i did manage to butt my head in to 4 class photos
got injured during the process though~
but it was fun having to go hyper wif the gang
We lost the choir contest but at least we won back our hearts
we dint not let wilson's hardwork go to waste..
well the next thing waiting at my doorstep is the exam
i hate it but i sumhow nid though
nid bursh up myself.
I know its not gonna be a easy year for me..
2009 year of farewells
Lyn NOOB!!!!
Group photo after the choir contest we lost though
The gals from my class~ 5B class plus ermm alot of us from different classes xD

1 comment:

coyweng said...

im worrying that the class photo couldn't fit everyone of us becoz the photographer didn't move his camera backwards lol....-.-lll

btw, nice blog =)