Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Break from the exams~

Ok another boring day in skul~ sumhow~ was mainly bcoz the exam
i mean after the add maths exam we're basically free to jump about and to kill each others if anyone dares~
juz a little update of wad has been going on in skul~
As the story from dear friend caleb continues to remain~
which the handphone missing and going after tat small brat for he is responsible to wad happen~ sumhow i really felt like slapping tat samll fry. = =
i mean his the one in fault yet he still can say as if his not wrong at all
worst thing is tat his sister is also the same making use of caleb giving him false hope.
these type of ppl really should die..
if i can i would had kill both of them but killing both bring out the money and its no fun at all~
so i decided to make their life in skul a living hell
it'll be more fun to see their reactions.
At least they deserve it~
but seriously nth much i do to really help.
juz hate these kind of ppl. no sense of responsiblity
ermm tired ler end here~
enjoy the photos xD

the usual view in class

5B gang resting xD
ermm no nid to exaplain bah~And who said Tjf is not after other gals dun see why he should juz stick to xiao theng like glueI giv YOU ERNEST!!!!...................lee

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