Monday, April 20, 2009

Thinking of wads next

Woke up late today = =
next to the mid night gaming straight on not stop till 3am.
got up at 9.30am and yes i'm late for skul
a thought came into my mind
"juz skip la ur already late~ "
"but then there's an exam today leh"
"so wad?"
"ipromised her to take the exam la"
"can resit de mah~"
"but waste time lor"
"juz skip straight la~"
"NO!!! I nid to go and pei wilwil oso"
"Ish u gay ka?"
"WAd da? of coz not~ I'm going and tats it case close~ "
So tats how i found myself in skul today.
Was lucky i dint meet paulin when i enter the skul today
rather than paulin i met Pn Lee and Pn Teh
Pn Lee is ok but Pn Teh is pure annoying at times
the usual Pn Lee goes wif her lecture wif me
She sumhow i think is the best teacher in the skul xD
at least i do take most of her advice~

These few days most of the gang had been starting to plan about their future
tis really worries me for i'm not really sure bout myself
i wan to studdy biochemistry at least tats the onli thing ican say i'm good at.
And i'm ermm kinda worried about aH Ham jie which is in the ward now ><
her blood platelets count is really dropping as she is infected wif SLE
and the marks on her hands are oso getting worst..
hope she will get well~

Bed time~ Shows how lazy i am xD

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