Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The weather is getting hot recently
but surprisingly the wind has been coming very often~
ther is always tis feeling when the wind always come~
usually it onli comes when exams are closing in~
true though exams are near xD
As usual the wind oso brought a message.
this time was about the ppl around me.
Showing me wad they were really made of and
getting a clearer scope of the way things flow~
and the best of all a reflection of myself
seeing the wrong how wrong i was
as i was dancing too slow for the music.
trying to chill and flow wif the wind~
And catch up wif everyone
let the past be past~
Tat was the lesson's title~
but can i do tat?
Hope i can rather sitting here look at the lost fragments of despair and hatred

I muz run faster~!!!
Faster than the Blazing fire tat nvr stops.
(probably tats why the weather is so hot = =)

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