Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't Say That You are LAZY!!!!!

This exam really woke me up sumhow
to notice tat how much i suck
while doing the paper i kept asking myself the same questions
here it goes~:
ei why u're not doin the questions?
dunno how to do la~
Den how? why dunno do de?
dint study mah~
Why dint study?
been gamiing too much and too lazy
See lazy is ur problem,by keeping ur present standard ur no match for him
ya i know.. big gap la
So? tak boleh ka?
susah lor~ tapi kalau saya boleh belajar banyak sikit..
Nah see~ tat is wad u nid!!
but how la i lazy no easy way ke?
easy way arh? got~ walk out that door and say ur prayers b4 jumpin down from the 3 floor
yee wan meh no fun
Fun FUN FUN!!! Is tat all u think ka?
kinda.. why so serious?
My future leh not serious arh?
ermm ya hor..
zzz anyhow juz shut up and finish the paper la lame ass
ok lor~

Somehow by thinking back i find it pretty lame of me to be talking to myself
even though i dint do it out loud was in the mind la
anyway if i wan to talk to sumone there is ah siok behind of me which is always free~
Anyhow i suck real hard to core
i really nid to change my laziness in order to pwn tat dude
so conclusion

DoNt Say U ArE LaZy

BcOz U are CraZy!!!!

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