Friday, May 8, 2009

The party night~

Tonite was the party night yet i dint go~
of coz i hav to put god 1st~
really wish it was on a saturday then i could had join them~
anyhow i think its the largest event for tis year..mayb?
coz they stacked 3 person's birthday together~
The last i had ever been to a party like tis was last year july~
was fun~ but sum how after tat party friendships dint last.
juz start seeing things change to a whole new direction
which ermm i dint like it~
Hope there would be another event like tis~ i mean for tis year la~
And hope tat after tis friendship would still be in tact~
Planning on where to go tis holiday in june~
planning la~ xD
most of all muz be able to go out wif her~
And FUTSAL!!!!
And i'm looking forward to the camp~
I wanna make my last year in skul the best year!!!!

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