Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yes i'm am the one

Came back from a tiring day of exam and tuition
by the i locked the car walk into the house
my bro was running at me full wif joy and luaghter
to tell me tat the comfirmation letter of me going to Ns is here
which means his wans me bald and send away.
no surprise though~ i would to if it was him~

Which means i'll hav to get my pradon from the principle
and so i'll nid to go wif meg gie and kok wing
which meg gie hardly even come to skul recently
and kok wing wans to settle it ASAP
so i was also lazy to wait fr her as ermm dun really care about her stuff anymore
And so we went together to get the thing done which cost us our recess

going into the chemistry exam unprepared
to my delight the paper was a easy pull off~
so after the paper boring as usual while the rest will be ding their best in it
and i would be day dreaming on my table
thinkin of wad would happen when i'll be send to tawau ==
issac used to said tat there's nth to do ther
eat, sleep, shit, get a sun burn and juz show off ur muscle wif friends
and tat should be all for Ns.
i was sumhow expecting ther would be abit more fun installed

So if i'm not wrong i would be send ther by next year
during my holiday which means 3 months holiday gone ==
wasted wei~


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Man Ching said...

nid go ns~
not bad d~~