Sunday, July 26, 2009


Have been busy lately so wasn't quite able to update
One of the best things were tat i was able to serve for a wedding~
Was a fun experience.

I started the day by fetching a few of my friends for breakfast
Breakfast at McD was ermm slightly expensive
anyway was aonce in awhile so i dun mind paying for it
We spend sum time talking ther til it was about time for us to leave

By then we drove to the wedding and started to help arranging the tables and chairs
Was fun doing it wif everyone~
And soon after we finish up was lunch time~ xD
We ate 1st coz we'll be serving~
The food was nice~

As soon as we know it the guests arrived~
And we'll hav to serve them~
One thing i notice about the guests
Church members are much more polite and well mannered
compared to the outsiders which simply put the dirty dishes and take things for gratted
And worse of all there is this one little kid which manage to annoy me
All the balloons tat was blown up and decorated around the area was taken down by him
and he bursted it causing a loud noise its very disrespectful as there were elders ther

After serving i went straight to tuition
was smelly~ i know = =
but cant help it~ was doing add maths questions from 6 to 8
And reach home as soon as i can~

But thruogh the whole day
i felt tat are ppl tat does not like ppl joining their group even though the others dun mind
And it was him tat let out an aura of rejection and hatred
Which of coz ignite my angry but was control by a gentle wind~
Even though he can do hateful things but i hope some day it'll be my turn~

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