Saturday, July 18, 2009


Every year the 1st 3 classes will be given a page on the skul's mag~
So to say my class is getting a page for the skul's mag tis year~
We're planning to fill that page wif our photos~ or to say our memories~
And since every year the same kind of photo will be put on it~
i thought mayb we'll try sumthing different tis year~
juz to make it special and different for the other years and classes~
So one day while i was lying on my bed i thought of an idea~
About taking our photo in a formation~ xD
And i discussed it wil ham jie the next day and moved on the the different groups in class
And thx god everyone agreed~
even the teacher~

On the day itself we're were lacking guys therefore our 5 suck hard = =
while the girls did a good job on their S~ xD
its a S not ass = =
And the next problem was wif the camera man chee wing
he'll count from 1 to 3 but he nvr tell us whether he took di or not
Anyhow it was fun taking the pictures~
And the best part my plan worked xD

Can you spot me?


coyweng said...

nice nice 9s ^^
our class don't have any yet =( lol

Bamboo~ said...

faster lor i think the date line about to come jor. ask them team work abit~