Tuesday, March 30, 2010

31st march 2010 Thoughts..

I was told not thinking so much..
This happen quite alot of times in the past.
alot of misunderstand was cause by my over use of thinking.
how do i actually don't care?
Why do i thinkk so much? is it because i'm scare of wad may happen?
Or am i juz scare of the word "possibility" ?
What is this "possibility" that i'm so scared of?
Possibility holds no limits tat wad i think,
as long as there is even 0.000000000001% that sumthing may occur,
Then it may happen.. tat is possibility..
Haven really been myself ever since tat happen.
Have i lost myself to the fear tat was consume myself?
How to do i find back my way?
How do i stand up again?
How do i fight for myself once more?
Have I died?


斯永 said...

Dont think too much~
Just do what u want to do~
Looking happy dont looking for sad~
Just do ur best la~
i will support u de~ ^^

u know y i dont want u make the dinner at 1U pasta zanmai??
I dont want u to think back what have happen last time at there~
I want to show u the other pasta zanmai~ n have a good memory with all of us~ ok??? ^^
Hope u wont think that I'm so busy body~

Ernest said...

haha thanks~