Monday, June 27, 2011

28th June 2011 A cooling breeze

everything is more a less settle down.
she wanted me to fuck off awhile b4 actually becoming friends back,
so i'm juz trying to chill back here~
all thanks goes to lyn for showing me some very helpful pointers when i was in a pinch.
thx bro i'm much better now~
though somehow sorry to disappoint u but i just am unable to give up completely juz yet..
but i know my priorities, and i'm aiming for a better future, this love thing are secondary in my life. i'm having more time to rest and chill since talentime night was over, but i'll be spenting it by studying, to reach my dream of studying in UK by next september, i'm willing to give up everything to go there even her.
the hateful and agony still is crawling in my heart its not gonna get me so easily as b4 dy.
anyhow its all better dy~
please continue to give me the strength to face everyday with the best of myself!!!

the prove that i'm still crazy

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