Friday, September 9, 2011

10th September 2011 Hazy

What is it that I left behind
Just before I started dreaming?
Though I don’t want to forget,
Sometimes, suddenly, in a corner of my memories,
A gently blurred sepia color floats up.
On the other side of these days in front of my eyes, little by little, it moves further away.

Why am I running
Until I’m out of breath, anyway?

So afraid of standing in place that I sped up,
I felt my quickening heartbeat to make sure that I’m really here.
If you listen carefully for that little voice deep inside your heart,
The world that surrounds you will clear up and spread to tomorrow.

Drawing closer, then going a little further away,
Waving to the people I’ve met,
I become honest on this road I feel I’ve traveled before.
Laughing faces and crying faces -
Look, if you add them together, it’s lovely.
There are always unchanging things within yourself.

As the sun shines on your face after you cried,
Are you gradually learning love?
Let’s focus our eyes on the future
That was unclear and so far away.

When the wind sweeps over my cheeks and sings its song around my ears,
I take it into my strongly resounding heartbeat and move closer to the sky.
I’m carried by a light bounce in my step,
And I continue to a story no one has seen yet.

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